Content for Thursday, August 27, 1987

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D.A.: Why Ed Miller is Still the Man

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Inside the Padres' lockers

Tony Gwynn's, Tim Flannery's, John Kruk's, Eric Nolte's, Marvell Wynne's, Goose Gossage's

Tony Gwynn sat in a canvas-backed chair and peered into the wooden cubicle in front of him. “What’s in my locker?” he asked, repeating the question that had been posed to him. “Well, here’s a ...

Her Little Girl

When Sunday school was over, I said, to no one in particular, “I have to go downstairs to church to meet my parents.” It wasn’t true. It just felt good to say it. I like ...

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