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Miramar Marine pilot doesn't show for wedding

Winners of 1983 Reader Writing Contest

Richard flew into Miramar on the last day of September. Our reunion that night carried a foreshadowing of things to come: a tattoo high on his left arm that read “Suzie” over a scramble of blue flowers.

Lunch hours filled with tales of Lady Di and her fairytale romance

Noteworthy mention in the 1983 Reader Writing Contest

I think my belief in fairy tales and happy endings was renewed during my junior year at Our Lady of Peace, a local private high school. Like so many others, I was caught up in ...

I ran away from New Jersey to Carlsbad

A bachelor at 60

Noteworthy mention in the 1983 Reader Writing Contest After thirty years of my taking out the garbage and performing other husbandly chores, the sovereign State of New Jersey decreed that our “till death do us ...

It was the year of Tyrone Power and Gary Cooper

We saddled her two nags and rode up the Old Julian Highway to “Boojie’s’’ dam

Honorable mention in the 1983 Reader Writing Contest It was that last magical year, the one that was sandwiched between the Great Depression and the Second World War. In the heart of San Diego County ...