Content for Thursday, February 3, 1983

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Navy investigators' tough on Coronado base drug busts

The court-martial of Sheila K. Jones

The pictures are faintly voyeuristic, and cinematic. They damn with their intimacy those caught in the 35mm frame, paint them in flat blacks and whites made all the flatter by the foreshortening of the long ...

Chinese refugees swarm Chung Hwa School

Chinatown distorts the type of people we are.

One bright Saturday morning this winter near the Black Frog restaurant in Southeast San Diego, a Volkswagen pulled off Forty-seventh Street and entered the parking lot of a modest and unadorned church. From the car ...

Winter storms affect Sail Bay

Boat people vanish but leave catamarans

Jane Walton admits that the problem of abandoned catamarans doesn’t rank high on San Diego’s list of major concerns. It’s really not a problem, as much as it is a bother and a mystery: why ...