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1) The Pete Wilson reelection campaign strategy to discredit and demean the credibility of his opponent, Simon Casady, by raising age as an issue.

2) The shooting of two handcuffed Mexican nationals by Border Patrolman Dan Cole, and his > subsequent exoneration.

3) Supervisor Paul Eckert's trial-balloon consideration of KKK Grand Dragon Tom Metzger for appointment to the county's committee to study the impact of undocumented Mexican nationals on the local economy.

4) The port commission"s refusal to agree to Barrio Logan residents' efforts tj> develop park facilities and open space on San Diego Bay, while guaranteeing Coronado a luxurious bayfront park.

5) Councilwoman Lucy KiUea's termination notice to two members of her staff (both Mexican·American women) two weeks before Christmas and one week after Killea's swearing in.

— Jess D. Haro, former city councilman

1) The refusal of University Hospital to treat u ndocumented Mexican nationals who cannot show an ability to pay for treatment.

2) The decision of the board of supervisors to cut off funding to a senior citizen food co-op (SCOOP) that was providing lowincome seniors with cheap, decent foodstuffs in the midst of spiraling inflation.

3) The failure of the city council and City Attorney John Witt to deal justly with the growing renters' discontent; specifically, their refusal to put a fairrent measure on the ballot and their development of a condominium-conversion law that protects landlords more adequately"'than it protects renters.

4) The cynical, calculated sellout of other city employees by the Police Officers Association, which fought for greater raises for police than for other city workers, and then turned around in press conferences about city pay disputes to demand justice for all public employees.

5) The tearing down of the Melville Klauber house across the street from Balboa Park in order to make way for high-rise condominiums.

— Larry Remer, Editor and Publisher, San Diego Newsline

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