Stories for July 1973

Thursday, July 26

Young Reporter Eaten Alive By Overweight Ballplayer

In the 1957 W0rld Series, Lew Burdette pitched the Milwaukee Braves to victory over the New York Yankees with three complete game wins. At the 1973 San Diego Padres' Old-Timers' Day, he was the most ...

Thursday, July 19

Taco Taco What's In My Taco?

Or the good, the bad, and the ugly

I crave tacos. I once won a bet in high school by eating 24 of them at an international dinner sponsored by our language teachers. Every time I leave San Diego on a trip, I ...

Too Outrageous for La Jolla

Tom Wolfe wrote too much about WindanSea surfers

“Tom Wolfe really was a jerk when he was with us, and when the story came out, we knew he was a jerk. After it came out, someone wrote ‘Tom Wolfe is a dork’ on the Pump House.”

Thursday, July 12

Praise the Lord

Apostolic Prayer Temple in Encanto

"I want to testify." A large black woman in blue-flowered dress stands swaying slightly, heavily, "I want to thank God for coming with me on this journey..." her voice trails off, and her body becomes ...

Thursday, July 5

A Right to Sing the Blues

National City's protege of Blind Lemon Jefferson, friend of Howlin' Wolf

"I was supposed to record with Howlin’ Wolf in Chicago. Wolf killed a guy over a woman, he was sentenced to the penitentiary for 25 years. That knocked out my record chances, back in 1930.”

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