Walking with the Enemy 0.0 stars

Walking with the Enemy movie poster

Two hours of killing Jews to awaken audiences to the heretofore unheard of notion that Nazi's committed atrocious acts. Based on a true story (so it must be good). In an attempt to help remove every Jew from Budapest, a couple of young Hungarians get their hands on SS uniforms and go all Batman and Robin on the Third Reich. Ten screenwriters and not one cliche left unturned. The radio is repaired just in time for a news flash to advance the plot. A precipitous bombing allows our heroes to escape the Nazis. And what does the minion dish out in the way of authentic dialog? A goon growling, "Ven vas zee last time you saw your vife and daughter alive?" Freshman director Mark Schmidt leads a uniformly unconvincing cast over a sentimental trivialization of the Holocaust that makes Spielberg's amusement park ride look like documentary realism. Even Sir Ben Kinglsey walks through his teensy part, terrible toupee and all. 2013.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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