Saving Banksy 2.0 stars

Saving Banksy movie poster

An anonymous graffiti artist applies brush and spray can to the side of your building. Is the end result a work of art or an act of vandalism? The shelf life of one of elusive street artist Banksy’s creations averages 48 hours before being tagged or painted over. San Francisco–based collector (and co-producer) Brian Greif, wanting to preserve the ephemeral art, deftly extracts the wooden mural from its urban canvas and houses the sections in his closet. A gaggle of talking head street artists debate one’s right to poach the ill-gotten gains — particularly those who stand to profit from it. But were it not for Greif, the work would exist only in cellphone camera reproductions. Not a patch on its conceptually oriented precursor Exit Through the Gift Shop, so long as the subject of filmmaking is avoided, this should spark lively debate on the drive home. Colin M. Day directs. 2015.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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