Last Vegas 2.0 stars

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A wealthy stag finally settles on a trophy bride, and three lifelong friends join him in Vegas for a senescent bachelor party. The Hangover with Depends. Michael Douglas tries, Kevin Kline succeeds, De Niro can barely summon the strength needed to hold a permanent scowl, and Morgan Freeman - engulfing the crowd with an endless stream of incontinence jokes - deserves better, like narrating a penguin picture. Whoever dreamed that the union of director Jon Turtletaub (Phenomenon, National Treasure) and screenwriter Dan Fogelman (Cars, The Guilt Trip) would produce one, let alone a dozen or so intentional laughs? (For fans of inadvertent amusement, there’s Bobby D’s bewildered “WOW! POOF!”breakdown.) One look at lounge chanteuse Diana (Mary Steenburgen, in effect playing a ripened version of Melvin and Howard’s Lynda Dumar), and you’ll understand why the four oldsters are instantly infatuated. You really can’t go wrong with this rare example of a film both good and bad enough to recommend. 2013.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


tward77 Nov. 2, 2013 @ 11:41 a.m.

You eff my nursemaid? You steal my bedpan?

You talkin' to me? No seriously, are you talkin' to me? Cuz I can't hear a god***n thing anymore!



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