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U2 3D (2007)

Ten-year anniversary 3-D screening of U2's global "Vertigo" tour. Shot at seven different shows, at the time of its release the concert film employed the greatest number of 3-D cameras ever used on a single project. (G)

None stars

U2: Rattle and Hum (1988)

Or mutter and harrumph. The messianic Irish rock band on tour in the U.S., pretentiously photographed in styles favored on MTV (grainy black-and-white, backlit silhouettes, etc.). So much here seems so common -- the baying-at-the-moon vocals, the telegraph-key guitar rhythms, the tossed mop of hair, the bare shoulders, the torn ... (PG-13)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

U-571 (2000)

A leaky old U.S. sardine can ("She's old, but she'll hold") is dispatched on a special-ops mission to swipe the Enigma Code Machine from a disabled U-boat, but the commandos end up with the entire German submarine on their hands, plus a German destroyer on their tails. Old-time WWII adventure ... (PG-13)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Udta Punjab (2016)

Drug thriller from Abhishek Chaubey. In Hindi and Punjabi. (NR)

None stars

UFC 189: Mendes vs McGregor (2015)

If you're bored, go watch McGregor trash talk on YouTube. It's a trip. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. (NR)

None stars

Ugetsu (1953)

Kenji Mizoguchi directs one of the most influential films to emerge from Japanese cinema. (NR)

None stars

UglyDolls (2019)

A group of overlit, malformed, and oppressively upbeat FAO Schwarz factory rejects leave Uglytown for the Big World, an alternate universe populated by winsome, acromegalic Tootsie Pops who cringe at the very sight of them. In a word, fugly. Combine the suppleness of character detail often associated with a Cricket ... (PG)

0.0 starsScott Marks

The Ugly Truth (2009)

Cool-blonde control freak and dark hairy caveman (Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler) in a conflict of philosophies, personalities, and sexualities, behind the scenes at a Sacramento TV morning talk show. The road to the predictable and inevitable is paved with, among other things, a pair of vibrating panties, the remote control ... (R)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

UHF (1989)

A parody salad, tossed by "Weird Al" Yankovic. In his daydreams he's a stand-in for Indiana Jones or Rambo; in his night dreams he's an MTV rocker; and in his working hours he's the creator of programs such as The Wonderful World of Phlegm and Underwater Bingo for Teens at ... (PG-13)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Ulam: Main Dish (2018)

The Food Channel writ large. (NR)

None stars

Ulee's Gold (1997)

An export of the one-man regional cinema of Victor Nuñez. That region would of course be Florida (Gal Young 'Un, A Flash of Green, Ruby in Paradise), this time the swampy back country, with brief and reluctant excursions to the state penitentiary and the druggy depths of Orlando. The lead ... (R)

2.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

The Ultimate Captain America Marathon (2016)

Cap to cap to cap Cap! Sorry: back to back to back Cap! (PG-13)

None stars

Ultraviolet (2006)

Ultraviolent vision of the future, where a more virulent strain of HIV (labelled HGV) has touched off the Blood Wars between humans and hemophages (a/k/a vampires). A live-action cartoon, or anyway partly live-action, built around Milla Jovovich as a martial-arts superheroine with a computer-airbrushed face. It gives a chill. Not ... (PG-13)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Ulysses' Gaze (1995)

Theo Angelopoulos, the esoterically esteemed Greek director, blends past and present, history and fiction, Balkan politics and Bazinian aesthetics, in an "epic" quest (i.e., three hours in length) for some legendary lost reels from the dawn of cinema. Sluggish, solemn, deeply felt if not necessarily strongly communicated, it plays almost ... (NR)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Ulzana's Raid (1972)

Egghead western, written by the Scottish novelist Alan Sharp, largely devoted to the esoteric military tactics involved in rounding up a small Apache raiding party. You realize how unfamiliar you are with the fine points of Indian fighting when you hear one cavalryman eulogized as "a good man," shortly after ... (R)

5.0 starsDuncan Shepherd