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Spoilers ahead!

A few not-so-shocking giveaways about this week’s new movie releases, including Justice League and Frank Serpico

Okay, people, spoilers ahead. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. Justice League: Aquaman’s powers mostly go unused. BPM: AIDS kills. Frank Serpico: The hero cop of Serpico is a hero cop. Bill Nye: Science Guy: Bill Nye defends ...

Barbarians at heart

The Square is lengthy, sometimes luxuriating in its long the point of discomfiture

What is The Square? Well, it’s a piece of art, so there are no doubt any number of interpretations. But I’ll hazard a guess: The Square is writer-director Ruben Östlund’s latest salvo against institutions that, ...

Amadeus at Symphony Hall

I happened to see that the San Diego Symphony was offering a screening of the movie Amadeus on a Saturday night (November 4) for $5, so I went. How could I not? The movie was ...

[email protected]

Slow autobiography and Korean pseudo reality

One Mississippi and The [email protected]

One Mississippi is Tig Notaro’s lightly fictionalized autobiographical series that pulls no punches when it comes to real-world pain in all its internal and external forms, yet repeatedly shows how pain can be balanced by ...

Movie Archives

Serpico 3.0 stars

Sidney Lumet's search for sticky fingers in the NYPD is so blindered in its vision of police life (cops spend most of their working hours making collections, evidently), and Al Pacino's voyage into disillusionment, hippie grooming, and institutional boat-rocking is ...

Ladybird, Ladybird 1.0 stars

Special pleading on behalf of a lower-class Englishwoman who, at the outset, has lost four children (of four different fathers) to Social Services. By the end, she will have lost two more (one and the same father, a too-good-to-be-true Paraguayan ...

Big Deal on Madonna Street 4.0 stars

Italian spoof of the Rififi-type caper film, and enough of an archetype in its own right to win a lot of tolerance for director Mario Monicelli throughout his prolific career. The buildup achieves a genial sense of proletarian oneness, though ...

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