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One Child Nation: People v. Policy

How China went about preventing 338 million births between 1979 and 2015

There are a great many talking heads in Nanfu Wang and Lynn Zhang’s One Child Nation, a documentary devoted to exploring how exactly China went about preventing 338 million births between 1979 and 2015, when ...

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem: an unfamiliar lover

A handily played round of “guess who’s coming to Shabbat dinner”

“There are millions of Jewish guys you could have chosen,” barista Ronit (Rebecca Esmeralda Telhami) admonishes her Israeli employer Sarah (Sivan Kerchner), “Are you that desperate? With an Arab?” Sarah’s difficulty in answering the question ...

How Mike Wallace helped turn TV news into show business

The guy who goes there, who asks the difficult, or embarrassing, or even just personal question

Remember 60 Minutes, America’s first TV news magazine? Remember its tenacious terrier of a host, Mike Wallace, he of the insistent, accusatory question? Yes? No? C’mon, the guy interviewed Putin just a few years ago. ...

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Shelley Winters holds her breath

Robert Mitchum: “The only bit she’ll do convincingly is to float in the water with her throat cut.”

Who said you can’t keep a good gal down? Not Shelley Winters. As sure as bummer follows Winters, we dug up a trio of watery grave ballets: two worth owning, one worth stoning. A Place ...

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Dogfight 2.0 stars

Nancy Savoca, whose first film was True Love, resumes her theme of miscommunication or noncommunication between the sexes: a foursome of U.S. Marines, ca. 1963, have made a habit and a formalized competition of trying to round up the ugliest ...

Mad Money 0.0 stars

A demographically diverse trio of women (Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes) are of undivided mind about the wisdom and fun of siphoning off wrinkled old bills, marked for shredding, from the Kansas City Federal Reserve. The director, Callie Khouri, ...

Kadosh 2.0 stars

Feminist hell. The wife of a Talmudic scholar in the extreme-Orthodox section of modern Jerusalem has given him no offspring after ten years of marriage. And: "The only task of a daughter of Israel is to bring children into the ...

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