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The Wedding Guest: Michael Winterbottom’s suspense-packed film noir

Spoiler alert: crime does pay.

Standing on tiptoes, the devil on my shoulder took to jabbing a pitchfork in my ear. “Wanna have a little fun?” he chortled. “Try selling your readers — both of them — on The Wedding ...

Captain Marvel: I am woman

Feels like object lessons in empowerment through self-affirmation

I was bored watching Captain Marvel. For a while, I thought it was because this particular Marvel movie wasn’t meant for me. The spiritually inclined had already had their outing with Dr. Strange, the same ...

Luke Perry Comics & Stories

Locally produced Perry comic book

The Luke Perry biographical comic book was produced by Hillcrest-based Revolutionary Comics in 1992.

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Jazz on film: bops, blues, and Bernstein

All jazzed up

This week’s three-course buffet comes with a cartoon, a short, and a feature guaranteed to get the viewer all jazzed up. — Scott Marks Three Little Bops (1957) Composer and trumpeter Shorty Rogers provides the ...

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I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba) 5.0 stars

Commie propaganda has never had a champion capable of rising to the cause in a manner as distinctly and visually sumptuous as Mikhail Kalatozov’s (The Cranes are Flying). Politically facile? You bet! Sexually on par with Hef’s Playboy philosophy? Damn ...

Wonder Park 0.0 stars

We open on a potentially life-threatening children’s amusement park overseen by a porcupine, a giant blue bear, and various forms of toothy rodentia. For ten minutes, I was along for the ride, right up until the moment little June converted ...

The Wedding Guest 4.0 stars

Through rain, fog, blistering sunlight, and dead of night, cinematographer Giles Nuttgens’ strong-willed, yet delicately lit lens doggedly pursued the inscrutable stranger (Dev Patel) as he journeyed from his British homeland through Pakistan and India. A 20 minute, near dialog-free ...

Let’s Be Friends

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