Musician Band
Briz Swarthout Sundelles
Bruce Cameron Jazz Project Big Band, Bruce Cameron, Full House Band
Bruce Hitch Nomads
Bryce Outcault Inspired and the Sleep
Cameron Jasper Taco Shop Poets
Cameron Wilson Numskul, Lulls
Cameron Gartung Blackfeet Braves
Camilo Moreno B-Side Players
Capture the Elusive Future Shock
Caren Campbell-Kamanski Panhandlers
Carlos Robles Moviegoers
Carlos Maria La Ballena de Jonás
Cassie Morris Ruines ov Abaddon
Cecilia Romero Flames Of Durga
Chad Nellis Shaka Buku
Charles Quimiro South Psycho Cide, Cookoo
Chelsea Hernandez Da Bears
Chente Sweetness
Chris Gast Gravedigger V, Morlocks
Chris Fields Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Chris Guest Fight Fair
Chris Conner Bantam Feather, Crow Squawk
Chris Cheney Burden of Truth
Chris Squire Russian Tremors
Christopher Bennett Steam Powered Giraffe
Christy Coobatis AudioLeague
Clifford M. Jomuad Alan Silva & the Cosmic Originals, NE1
Clint Graham Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Corey McComb Grizzly Business
Craig Carlstrom Orbis Max 2.0
Craig Small Novocaine
Curt McRae Novocaine
Curtis Gagnon There's Nothing Here But Hate
Dale Breeden Orbis Max 2.0
Damian DeRobbio B-Side Players
Dan Roberts Novocaine
Danny Blas Black Hondo
Danny T. Penwell Keyes
Darryl DeLoach Iron Butterfly
Dave Campbell Tigersharks
Dave Matthews Deeper Purple
Dave Sleet Nomads
Davey Sarantos Sundelles
Davey Faragher A.J. Croce
David Marshman Sacra/Profana
David James Latin Connection Jazz Quintet
David Niles Double FF
David Jackson Willovealot, Euphoria Brass Band, Town Criers (1960s)
David Bennett Steam Powered Giraffe
David Rees FreeMartin, BigFins, David Rees

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