Musician Band
Jon Ford Lexington Field
Josh Scott Vokab Kompany
Justin Rodriguez Counterfit, Silverbird, Old Palominos, Western Set
Justin Werner Space Shag, Western Collective, Awakening Magic, 3rd Borough, Justin Werner, Escape Door
Karl Cabbage West of Memphis, Red Lotus Revue
Keith Hartman Keith Hartman
Ken Dow Carolann Ames, 7th Day Buskers
Ken Schoppmeyer King Biscuit Blues Band
Kim Moreno Adella Lane
Kyle Ince Wookie Garcia
Lance Dieckmann D.A. & the Hitmen, Stoney B. Blues Band, Sickstring Outlaws
Lee Oskar Lonnie Jordan
Mac Macdonald Mac Attack
Mark Haemmerle Starcrossed, Kitty Plague, Zombie Barbie, Canton Mudders
Matt Gagin Immovable Objects
Michael Pratschner Paul Cannon Band
Michael Nieman Crooked
Michael J. Dwyer Michael J. Dwyer
Mighty Joe Longa Joey Harris, Powerthud, Copenhagen, Jacks
Mike Stoltz Meld, Rock Out Karaoke
Myron Frame Myron & the Kyniptionz
Nick Burr Red Circle Underground
Nick "Chowda" Walsh Rhythm and the Method
Omar Musisko Peripherals
Pat Mackey Levi Dean & the Americats
Patrick D. Ellis BlueFrog Band
Peter Bolland Coyote Problem, Peter Bolland
Phil Freed Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas
Rachelle Danto Rhythm Jacks
Raf Deza Raf Deza & the Avenue
Randy Lane SideJobz, Randy Lane, Diane Marie and Randy Lane
Raphael "Rip" Pena Amalgamated
Ray Brandes Ray Brandes, Tell-Tale Hearts, Riot Act, Hedgehogs, Town Criers (1980s), Mystery Machine, Shambles, Sidewalk Scene
Richie Blue Cotton Fever
Richie Strell Gemini Junction
Rick Randle Brain Police, Man-Dells, Other Four, Blitz Brothers, Framework
Robert Cowan Little Monsters
Ron Ebel Encinitas School of Music Flute Choir, Bell Pepperz
Roni Breite Honorable Menschen
Russel Hayden Grass, Nancarrow
Ryan Schilling Triumph of the Wild
Scott Mathiasen Infants, Scott Mathiasen & the Shifty Eyed Dogs , Mojo Working
Scott Tournet Scott Tournet, Elektric Voodoo
Sherry Soto Bitter Sober
Silk Stegner Buick Wilson Band
Sonny Derin Mystery Train
Spencer Layne OnComing Traffic, JEre & SLayne
Stephanie Brown Ocelot, The Surrealistics
Steve Bulger 145th Street
Steve White Steve White, Diversifyd

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