Guitar players

Musician Band
Alex Rose Able the Allies
Alex Wright Lexicons
Alex Gates Wavves
Alex Grant Youth Warrant
Alex Guillen Alex Guillen
Alex Packard Big Bloom
Alexander Utrilla Draind
Alexander Shuster Grim Imperials
Alexander Goodman Shawshank Redeemed
Alexandria Reyes Media Lab
Alexis Villahermosa Bakkuda (original incarnation)
Alexx Walshaw Lord of War
Alfonso de la Espriella Alfonso de la Espriella
Alfonso Vargas Blessie
Alfred Howard Jade Element, Heavy Guilt, Alfred Howard and the K23 Orchestra, Black Sands, Midnight Pine, Alfred Howard, Lion and the Lady, Birdy Bardot, Dani Bell & the Tarantist, Cardinal Moon, Redwoods Revue
Alfredo Sanchez Alfredo Sanchez
Ali Mills Red Circle Underground
Ali Sarijlou Heart Pharmacy
Alia Jyawook Bitter Sober, Vaginals, Hot Nerds, KATA, Ese' & Zain, Tiny Telephones
Alicia Champion Alicia Champion, Danielle LoPresti
Alison Ables Tristeza
Allegra Allegra
Allen Camp Fuzz-Huzzi, Freak the Mighty
Allen de la Rosa Quel Bordel, Grand Million Gang
Ally Levine Beekeeper
Alonzo Gomez Atomic Blue History
Alysse Fischer Alysse Fischer
Amado Santos Gnarly Beast
Amaro Ray Sideways Heart, Cross Moon Supercult
Amber Coffman Sleeping People
Amir Stoune Amir
Ammar Asmar Baghdad Buddha
Amy Lawson Revenge Club
Amy Obenski Amy Obenski
Anatí Tuesday Anatí Tuesday
Anders Pellmark Southtown Generals
Andre Che Cape May
Andre Beller Platypus Egg, Old Man Wizard
Andre Gonzalez Parlour Shootout
Andres Alejandro Salomon Sunday Night Heart
Andres Solomon Major Minus
Andrew Bernhardt Vinyl Radio, Swedish Models, Cape May, Lights On, Blackout Party
Andrew Stone City's Finest
Andrew Loveless Fat Man’s Misery
Andrew Miller Prayers (defunct)
Andrew Montoya Northern Tigers, Sess, Ale Mania, Beaters, Teach Me!, Matt Lamkin
Andrew Allaband Gone to Oblivion
Andrew Norman Pheromones
Andrew Geldmeier Apes of Wrath, Little Fowl, New Mexico
Andrew Armerding River City, Hills Like Elephants, Tin Can Country Club, Champ

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