World Cup of Composers

Brahms versus Schutz

The World Cup of Composers.

We’re going to go Bach versus Bach here in the second match of Germany’s World Cup of Composers: Johann Sebastian Bach (papa Bach) versus his son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. CPE Bach was a classical ...

Hindemith versus Beethoven

Since the last two concert weekends at San Diego Symphony have been all German affairs, this is the perfect time to start the German love-fest section of the World Cup. The first contest is between ...

King Kong versus Godzilla

The Germans are here and they're angry.

The Germans are here and ready to rumble in the World Cup of Composers. This group has several contenders who could take it all. This bracket is brimming with rivalries and they’re not friendly. We’re ...

The Americans are finished

I’m going to admit that the American bracket, here in The World Cup of Composers, is boring me to tears so let’s just get it over and done with so we can get on to ...

Enlightenment Cage

John Cage versus George Gershwin

Let’s do a match in the World Cup of Composers. The next match for the Americans is George Gershwin versus John Cage. I think we all know George Gershwin but John Cage is another story. ...

Samuel Barber versus John Williams

Movie music is better than I thought.

Number-two seed Samuel Barber versus John Williams. John Williams is probably the best known American composer in the world. Probably? How about definitely? Is there a better known riff than the Jaws theme? Who hasn’t ...

American seeding

The first seeding of the Cup.

I haven’t done a formal seeding for composers so far in the World Cup of Composers but I think it will help with the American bracket. Here they are 1-16 with their matchups. Aaron Copland ...

Americans in the Cup

Time for the U.S. to enter the field.

With all the American composers at the San Diego Symphony this month, it is obviously time to start the American leg of the World Cup of Composers. Here’s the challenge: find 16 American composers. We’ve ...

English Conclusion

Elgar and Finzi conclude the English bracket

And here we are at the conclusion of the first round for England. The final two players are Finzi and Elgar. Believe it or not, I used to know a baritone who was so enamoured ...

Two matches in the cup

Sullivan and Britten then Butterworth and Handel.

“I am the very model of modern major-general, I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral...” Who hasn’t heard this before? The text is from the Major General’s patter song in Gilbert and Sullivan’s *The Pirates of ...

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