Ocean Beach

Sgt. Winston promoted to grand marshal

Ocean Beach Christmas parade honors Las Vegas rescuer

Everyone has been talking about Taylor Winston, the former Marine who commandeered a truck to drive victims to the hospital after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1. The Ocean Beach resident, credited ...

Storm-drain snoozers in O.B.

"No one is in there right now, but I’m sure they’ll be back.”

On November 11th just before 10 a.m., a report was submitted via the City of San Diego’s Get It Done app that a “sewer man hole is off” at the end of Del Monte Avenue ...

Chi Club offers short membership

O.B. band defunct since 2013 to funk it up twice this month

The Chi Club played its first official show at an apartment party in Ocean Beach in 2005. There would be many more gigs and lineup changes before the band called it a day in 2013, ...

Historic value of O.B. kit home debated

“Our neighbors are excited to have this building removed and replaced.”

Sears is no longer the retailer it once was, having been beaten to the brink of irrelevance by outlet closures and online competition. But just about anyone over 40 remembers the company’s trusty, phone-book-sized tome ...

Stolen surfboard? This is a job for Coconut Peet.

Ripped-off Hobie returned to owner

A surfer and her board were reunited this week after a keen eye from an employee at Coconut Peet’s in Ocean Beach recognized the stolen board from a flyer. Two weeks ago, Alexa’s board was ...

O.B.'s hypodermic needles by the sea

"It's time to demand greater police presence and action by our city officials."

Last week, residents in Ocean Beach reached their tipping point after witnessing an objectionable scene at the seawall south of the O.B. Pier. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said a nearby resident. “There ...

O.B. muralist adds huge spot of color to Mexico City

"People should use their talents to spread happiness."

Relief efforts following the September 19th earthquake in Mexico City, which took the lives of more than 370 people, came to the area in many forms. Obecian Celeste Byers chose to paint a mural of ...

Screw live music. TV’s where it’s at.

Mother's Saloon adjusts entertainment offerings

Mother’s Saloon, one of a handful of venues in Ocean Beach that hosts live music, recently canceled all their upcoming shows. The venue had primarily been having live bands on the weekends, but the bar ...

Acid attack in O.B.?

“She pointed the water gun and sprayed me from, like, 12 feet away.”

Michael said he was at the intersection of Cape May Avenue and Bacon Street in Ocean Beach on Friday afternoon (October 20th), when a woman followed him in her van, pulled out a water gun, ...

James Gang to land back on Newport

"No Target in OB" T-shirt-makers to be across street from Target

The James Gang, currently located on Bacon Street (at Santa Monica) in Ocean Beach, is moving back to its original stomping grounds — Newport Avenue. “James Gang started above the mini-mart over there [on Newport],” ...

Thoughts on Ocean Beach

Gary Hoag discusses life as an Ocean Beach business owner and resident. Interviewed at Ace Tattoo on Newport Avenue.

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