News Under the Radar

Feeding staffers’ faces

$2,897 of prohibited purchases

Employees of the San Diego Unified School District have been improperly dipping into student funds for personal food money, says a June 1 report to superintendent Cindy Marten from Gamy Rayburn, the district’s interim chief ...

Nonprofits go after Faulconer SoccerCity plan

San Diego City Schools staff dips into student funds for meals and snacks

San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, whose hopes for statewide office took a big hit from this month’s city-council rejection of his plan for a hurry-up $5 million November special election on SoccerCity and a hotel ...

Genetically speaking

Union-Tribune gives Craig Venter a pass

La Jolla’s Craig Venter, the genomic giant who gets regular positive write-ups in his hometown Union-Tribune, was spared mention in the paper when it was announced two weeks ago that his Human Longevity, Inc. was ...

The janitor did it

The P-Cards do not have p-documentation

Disappearing ink on thermal vanishing paper and a clueless janitor have been blamed for missing records at the San Diego Unified School District that a recent audit says could represent only the tip of a ...

Stem cell research program out of funds in three years

PR’s miracle cure

California’s taxpayer-funded $3 billion stem cell research program, officially known as the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, is spending money at the rate of $22,000 an hour, and expected to run out of cash in ...

E-cigs sail in from China

Smoking fiends

So-called e-cigarettes have been increasingly making their way into San Diego from foreign ports, according to a May 24 audit by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, raising possible dangers for unwary users. “E-cigarette liquid — ...

Queen of the double-dippers

Roush collects from San Diego State University

As a retiree, San Diego State University’s former vice president of business and financial affairs Sally Roush has done well by the taxpayer-funded state university system. After stepping down from her $301,957 a year position ...

Mike and Nick’s Aussie adventure

Stones’ stock slipping

The jury is still out on the ultimate fate of La Jolla hedge-fund maven Mike Stone’s attempt to wrest Qualcomm Stadium and its acreage away from public ownership, but the stock price of another of ...

San Diego Chamber dinged for Robert Hickey donation

Plus Luiseno Indians not allowed to repair roads

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce has agreed to fork over a $5000 penalty to settle charges by the city’s ethics commission that it failed to report big money spent on a befuddling political ...

Steve Puetz and Jason Roe are busy guys

Used by Chamber of Commerce, local GOP, and other councilmembers

With the approach of a city-council vote on whether to stage a $5 million special election this coming November for SoccerCity developers and mayor Kevin Faulconer’s hotel-tax hike, his honor’s top political brains are said ...

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