A word on Scripps Ranch NIMBYs

Reader comments on the Reader

NIMBY = not in my back yard Re: “Scripps Ranch — cows gone, rattlers remain,” cover story. 1) Be prepared for the onslaught of Scripps Ranch protectionists (they are not just NIMBYs). 2) The article ...

Last words on “Antonia’s Last Words”

Plus a comment on Only the Brave

Moron Drug User Re: “Antonia’s Last Words,” cover story. Sweet! Made it Las Vegas with no plan to get home. Sweet! Hooked up with her former boyfriend for a couple of days. Sweet! Smoked meth ...

Readers talk about Reader movie reviews

Plus comments on Neighborhood News

Hollywood version of a soldier’s experience Scott Marks review of Thank You for Your Service [Movie section] was obviously written by a non-Veteran who prefers highly dramatized military movies to reality. His opinion that you ...

“Look, business is business”

Readers chime in on their homeless neighbors and how a pit bull attacked (again)

Kick Your Homeless Neighbor? Re: “Hillcrest parking structure 10 years overdue,” Neighborhood News. Thank you to Julie Stalmer for getting this info to us. As a former candidate for District 3 SD City Council nearly ...

A reader defines real love

Plus comments on Neighborhood News and News Ticker

That’s real love, right? Re: “South Bay residents still leery,” Neighborhood News. I just wanted to give a voice to people who see that projects like this, “for recovering addicts who would otherwise be in ...

An avid (and observant) reader has a small problem

Comments on burgers, excessive bail, and growlers

Letters mishmash I just picked up my copy of the Reader, September 28, with Burt Reynolds on the cover. What is going on at your company? You have letters to the editor, and it says ...

Readers weigh in on “We’ll Always Ride For Emilio”

Plus a couple of letters in support of Coach Burgess

Expand to every children’s hospital in the country I thought this story sounded familiar [“We’ll always ride with Emilio,” cover story, September 21]. As I kept reading, I realized that I had heard it before ...

Readers watching the paper closely

Letters on pot ads, Encanto post office, and Don Bauder fall-out

Skip the pot ads Every week you print a letter from someone complaining about the pot ads. I think some people have too much time on their hands. We get an excellent paper, free of ...

O.B. depiction unfair, South Bay craft beer coming, Sufi and Greek priest dissed

The public writes letters

Horrid statements regarding O.B. To Joseph Miravalle. Hello, Joseph. I read your article regarding Ocean Beach, and I have a lot of problems with your assertions. First, don’t say “seven blocks” when you only talk ...

How did we get on the cover?

And Redbeard is called a fraud

Correction: In last week’s Blurt about the movie and music of Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World [August 30], Sarah Milan’s ancestry was misattributed. She actually has both Choctaw and Apache blood stemming back ...

Cosplay Curious

Chatter Box edition

Voicemails received at the Letters to the Editor extension. To leave your own audio letter, call 619-235-3000, x460.


Voice mail to the editor concerning Shadow Mountain Church in Hillcrest.


Audio version of letter to the editor, "Oxymoronic," by Saul Harmon Gritz

In Response

Jackass Journalism

Letter to the editor voicemails received at the San Diego Reader.

Letters to the Editor premiere audio episode!

Voicemails received between March 26 and April 1, 2014. To leave your own voicemail about the Reader, call 619-235-3000, x460.

COPS Training video

This video explains the Snapshot Protocol, a procedure which can be deployed in any CA county and in many states. This seminar was conducted in San Diego on Oct 12, 2014 in preparation for the November 2014 election cycle.

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