La Jolla

Footnotes on assassination of Frank Bompensiero

Dead men tell no tales...but the restaurant manager's widowed wife has a doozy

At the age of 16, Frank "The Bump" Bompensiero moved to San Diego in 1921 and bootlegged liquor during Prohibition. He eventually became a prolific mafia hitman famous for his "Italian rope trick," where he ...

Hamptons style in La Jolla

"Guests will be marveled"

You’ll find the newly constructed estate home at 921 Muirlands Drive in La Jolla “beautifully perched atop one of La Jolla’s preeminent view streets” and less than a mile from the coast. The 8612-square-foot “Hamptons ...

An L.A. brewery now open in La Jolla

Absolution finds its way back into town

Back in 2013, Reader Beer News reported that a planned local brewery, Absolution Brewing Company, had made the decision to join the unsaturated Los Angeles beer scene, rather than San Diego. Having thrived in its ...

A horsepox on La Jolla

Biotech high-flier flaunting deadly disease recipe

A high-flying biotech outfit with a low-profile La Jolla research outpost has been besieged by critics who say the company's sponsorship of a Canadian horsepox genome project could ultimately lead terrorists to unleash a deadly ...

Worst wipe-out was in Peru

Immigrant likes Hospitals and Horseshoe best

Name: Benjamin Age: 46 From: La Jolla Occupation: Real estate agent I saw Benjamin by his vehicle at Hospitals in La Jolla. It was one of the last days of 2017 and it was 74 ...

An eight-million dollar view on Lookout Drive

Construction money built this one

The newly constructed estate at 7750 Lookout Drive sits at the northern foot of La Jolla’s Mt. Soledad, privately tucked into the hillside yet still affording ocean views toward La Jolla Shores. “Enter this elegantly ...

Pura Vida bracelets from El Salvador, not Costa Rica

Ex-employee joined by class action suit

A popular bracelet company based in San Diego which makes bracelets worn by celebrities is a fraud, says a new class action lawsuit filed in San Diego Superior Court. Pura Vida Bracelets was started by ...

Salk Institute vs. Women?

Hints of cover-up following 2003 gender-bias study

Top administrators at San Diego's Salk Institute have been aware that female scientists were underpaid compared to their male colleagues as well as unfairly treated. According to documents obtained by the Reader, scientist Katherine Jones, ...

San Diego wort workers wanted

Brewers far and wide seek those who've run with the big dogs

Back in June, Copenhagen brewery Mikkeller introduced a new hire for its 12-foeder, wild-ale brewhouse, Baghaven: "This is Ehren Schmidt, our new Master Blender," the announcement read, "A man that knows his shit." Schmidt had ...

Machete trouble at La Jolla High

People don't get Santiago

Santiago, La Jolla’s Darger of the Hedgerows, lives most of his life in a sanctuary he carved for himself amid the dense trees and underbrush separating a kindly Frenchwoman’s home from the busy street on ...

San Diego Surf

Forgettable Andy Warhol film

Sea lions claiming La Jolla Cove for their own

La Jolla Cove locals discuss the sea lions that have descended upon La Jolla Cove in the past ten years, befouling the area with poop and becoming aggressive with humans.

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