Employment Trends

Work-at-home wisdom

The Executive in Sweatpants speaks.

Matt Keener, author of Executive in Sweatpants, says he can help you find success among the growing ranks of those who work from home. First, tell me a little bit about your story. After graduating ...

Training new workers is expensive

So why don’t employers try harder to keep the employees they have?

Fact No. 1: 19 million American workers expect to change jobs in the next year. That’s 13.3 percent of the country’s workforce. Fact No. 2: The average wage of U.S. workers was $42,979 per year, ...

G.I. Joe needs a job

The case for hiring ex-military.

The unemployment rate for former military is reportedly more than 10%, which higher than the national rate. This is a tragedy. One of the factors contributing to this high rate is that folks in the ...

Construction noise in the job market

It’s not booming yet, but it may be soon.

Remember the building boom that skyrocketed in California almost a decade ago? No? That’s because most people in the construction industry are trying to forget the crash that followed. But the pop-pop of nailguns and ...

The generation gap narrows

An unusual connection between the oldest and youngest workers

The workplace generational gap appears to be shrinking – at least among some of the youngest and oldest workers. A new survey by Randstad, a global provider of human resource services, notes the unusual connections ...

They could pay me in beer

Careers in the brewing business

Good news: beer joints are popping up all over San Diego, so much that Time Magazine recently called San Diego the “hoppiest place on earth.” America’s craft-beer capital spells good news for people who want ...

Military personnel storm the job market

Military personnel are worried. They hear the news. They watch television. They hear terms such as sequestration, cutbacks, downsizing, rightsizing, reduction in force. Soon, we may find that many former military personnel are in the ...

Latest Import from China: Jobs

The “reshoring” of jobs begins.

According to a survey by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), more than a third of U.S.-based manufacturing executives at companies with sales greater than $1-billion are planning to bring production back to the USA from ...

The Revolution Has Been Delayed

Why Isn’t Telecommuting More Widespread?

Telecommuting is the great work innovation that never took hold. For more than a quarter century, study after study has reported that many American workers would prefer to work from home at least part of ...

Generation Y, Take a Bow

Younger Workers Score Well in Drive, Teamwork, and Innovation.

Whether it’s a conscious decision or simple dependence on our own experiences, each of us probably has been guilty of generational discrimination in the workplace at one time or another. The people who sacrificed through ...

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