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FireBirds Chicken is hot out of the gates

The city’s first Nashville hot chicken restaurant could be hotter and Nashviller

For a restaurant in City Heights, FireBirds Chicken has come up a lot in local foodie conversations over the past three weeks; especially surprising because that’s about how long the place has been open. There’s ...

San Diegans who entered death row in the last 16 years

Eric Anderson, Manuel Bracamontes, Adrian Camacho, Scott Erskine

When the California Supreme Court overturned the death sentence of convicted double murderer Jeffrey Young last July, the number of San Diegans on death row went down by one, to 37. Young, 44, had been ...

San Diego Reader's holiday guide 2019

Christmas Card Lane in Penasquitos, Santa run in Pacific Beach, helicopter Christmas lights ride in Oceanside, ugly sweaters in Vista, rescued bears in Alpine

There’s a war on Christmas. You can see it right on your TV; in fact, it’s your TV that’s the aggressor in this particular conflict. Lifetime has 20, count ’em, 20 new movies to go ...

San Diego's changing bugs

Trapdoor spider, Quino checkerspot butterfly, Argentine ants

On the northwest corner of Montezuma Mesa, Marshal Hedin and I are easing down a steep stairway, scorched by the noonday sun. A biology professor at San Diego State, Hedin specializes in arachnids. He’s already ...

Eight straight nights of San Diego live music

Psycholizard, Milly, Auz Fontaine, Chica Diabla, the Touchies, Bloodletting Tour, Electric Waste Band, Adams Gone Funky, Liam Gallagher, The Who

I moved to San Diego in 1998 and started going to shows immediately. Live bands were simple to find any night of the week. These days, it’s a hair more difficult. DJs have become a ...

A week in San Diego without a phone

So much accountability

I never take my phone out on the water in Mission Bay, where I go to stand-up paddle board a couple of times a week. Sometimes I wish I had it to capture a picture ...

Weird lives of San Diego influencers

80 percent business, 20 percent personal

Many San Diegans are taking to their devices in hopes of becoming the next big social media influencer. Although it’s unlikely that someone from our neighborhoods will outperform 21-year-old Kylie Jenner’s $1 billion marketing game, ...

San Diego drinking without IPAs

Porters, lagers, pilsners, bocks, ales, bitters, grisettes, sours, ciders, meads, natural wine, kombuchas, beerwhiskey, upcycled vodka, sakes, San Diego gin

Nobody’s knocking IPAs. The hoppy pale ale style that built San Diego’s beer reputation is alive and well. We have hundreds to choose from every single day. We are spoiled with IPA options. But sometimes, ...

Art history, Korean beef at The Prado

“San Diego’s greatest sculptor, yet people like you don’t even know him.”

Little things mean a lot: the first little thing that makes me like this place is the, well, amuse-bouche. Wedges of crisp flatbread stacked vertically like surfboards. They have sesame and other seeds baked on ...

They named Mt. Helix after a snail

There are so many La Mesas

“I hear them screeching” Frank Arredondo has seen them, romping down his La Mesa street as if they owned it: coyotes. “I sit out on the front porch, and I smoke and drink coffee. Usually ...

Channel 10 story on Jamie Peters

Sept. 3, 2006

Rob Stone

Fight video

"Chill Bill"

Inspired by run-in with cops

Stone talks about making "Chill Bill"

After being arrested


Gets taken down at Observatory

Video posted by Stone

Showing Ski Mask down

LA's Fonda Theater

Stone and Ski Mask entangled on stage

Chill Bill video

Got 90 million views

Child no more

Before turning 16, Sherry Sotelo won the right to adulthood in juvenile court.

Craft Cocktails 2015!

Join two Reader special operatives as they taste their way through the Craft Cocktails 2015 special issue.