Chula Vista

Dressy tie dye from Obey and Pacsun

“It’s colorful, bold, and creative”

I was making my way to Punchbowl Social in the East Village for game night with some of my friends when I came across the most colorful mural I had ever seen. It was in ...

Chula Vista police arrest three for buying minors booze

Decoy Shoulder Tap

On March 9, the Chula Vista Police Department arrested three people for providing alcoholic beverages to minors. The operation was called Decoy Shoulder Tap, where a minor under the direct supervision of a peace officer ...

San Diego gas prices edging up – want to drive to Pauma Valley? shows February as the pivot month

The chance for San Diegans to pay $2 a gallon for gas in 2019 appears to be over. Concern over trade tensions with China is the reason being given for the current rise in San ...

Miranda Escoto tried to report abuse of students

South Bay teachers stick together

Schools in San Diego County have a problem. Many teachers, administrators, and staff are not reporting suspected child abuse to the proper authorities, despite a legal requirement to do so. And some who do report ...

The green turtles hang on

From the Gulf of Ulloa to south San Diego Bay

The Gulf of Ulloa is south/southeast of San Diego along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula. It is vibrant with sea life. Whales cruise and forage the gulf during annual migratory patterns; tuna, wahoo, ...

A cure for breakfast boredom

Mexipino is here to remind us how delicious combining cultures can be

Most breakfast menus tend to be long reads, just not very interesting ones. You’ll find an entire section dedicated to all the predictable variations of eggs, meat, potatoes and toast. Another to pancakes and waffles. ...

Uber glitch not paying drivers

Who will drive to Kaaboo?

A glitch within the Uber driver payment system is forcing San Diego drivers off the road, and riders are paying for it with higher charges. Uber drivers earn a commission on each drive that they ...

Local house of pancakes

Because you don't get out of bed for a burger

History will only fitfully remember 2018 as the year national pancake chain IHOP changed a P to a B rebrand itself IHOB (International House of Burgers), then quickly bowed to public backlash and restored the ...

Picked up 40 bricks in Chula Vista

Pulled over by border patrol on I-15

Carlos Enriquez told a detective that he was contacted by a person in Tijuana who told him, “He had a job for Enriquez.” Enriquez said he crossed the border into the United States, picked up ...

Good Fridays on Third Ave.

Beer and food trucks make a beautiful sight

It’s Friday night on Third Avenue in Chula Vista, and it’s no easy decision where I’m going to drink beer. Looking south from E Street, I see lots of activity, evidenced by a squadron of ...

Arne Duncan visit

Let’s Be Friends

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