Southern jewels and feral pigs

Bump into feral pigs and/or international hikers on this Lake Morena hike.

Hike a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail parallel to Lake Morena’s southern shore for views and interesting vegetation among boulders.

Border Patrol reports bands of Gypsies crossing from Mexico

Canada said to be their destination

Since 2010, more than 2200 Romanians have come into California from Mexico illegally and surrendered to the first U.S. Border Patrol agent they saw, according to Border Patrol statistics and accounts. Many of them surrendered ...

Stonewall Peak Loop

Beware of Stonewall Peak's poodle-dog bush

Follow this switchback trail to granitic 5730-foot-high Stonewall Peak for views of Cuyamaca Reservoir and the nearby peaks of Cuyamaca, Middle, and North.

Uranium in the Water in Campo Hills

With the price of gas the way it is, maybe a little uranium in the drinking water isn’t such a bad thing. Such is the situation facing residents of Campo Hills, a rustic community about ...

The Wild Wild East

Brandon Stockwell, a film student at SDSU, climbs to the top of the border fence south of Campo and examines the rolling desert ridges of rural Mexico. The day is bright, the winter air clean ...

Tiger Woods, Baby

"Comes down for paintball war games with his buddies at the military range. I cooked his burger."

Perfect Drought

A view of the future from Descanso.

"It's catastrophic!" Duncan McFetridge flings his arms out. "Look, can't you see the change?" Several years ago, when I last came here to the Cleveland National Forest outside of Descanso, McFetridge's cabin nestled in a ...

Remote Hauser Canyon, between Lake Morena and Campo, attracts dedicated hikers

The linear, V-shaped gash of Hauser Canyon slices across one of the really remote, southern parts of San Diego County. Many years ago, travelers could descend into the canyon by car on a dirt road ...

From Rural Retreat To Suburbia

On September 19, the unincorporated community of Campo threw a once-in-a-century party. It featured a parade, cavalry reenactors, former buffalo soldiers stationed in Campo pre-World War II, and home-baked goodies. But it wasn't the attractions ...

A Gritty Dilemma

Around 9:30 p.m., on Friday the 19th of August, 22-year-old David Silverman of Jacumba and two female friends were cruising south on Buckman Springs Road toward Campo when they found themselves stuck behind an 18-wheel ...

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