Big Screen

A Boston Marathon bombing victim's story

Stronger's director David Gordon Green

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman, but don’t expect the Lifetime Channel. Stronger invites audiences to cast aside all fear of drippy sentiment in tight closeup. This tale of an ordinary ...

I really wanted to use a live cat

Director Charlie Bean gives background of Lego Ninjago Movie

At the Lego Ninjago Movie press conference held last week at Legoland Carlsbad, a child asked the film’s assembled cast and crew, “What happened to the cat?” The tot was referring to the monstrous beast ...

What is a rock star?

Grossmont professor Raul Sandelin's Throttle the Sun asks the question

Grossmont College professor Raul Sandelin premiered his new music documentary Throttle the Sun on September 14th as part of the college’s Fall Concert Series. In the film, he’s interrogating the history of, and the changing ...

Sex & violence & sex & violence

Flesh and blood in this week's new movie releases, including The Villainess and The Wound

I mean, it's the movies, so what else is new? But still. The Wound has violence done to a bunch of guys' sexy bits. Also, sex and violence. mother! has much more violence than sex, ...

Certified in San Diego

There was something about the freedom of Ocean Beach

“We live in cities you’ll never see onscreen,” sang Lorde on “Team,” trying to make obscurity sound cool but fooling nobody. If it were really cool you wouldn’t have to make a cool song about ...

Anne Frank in the attic

Local Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left

A private message arrived from local actress (and new Facebook friend) Caroline Amiguet asking that I attend this Friday’s screening of her husband Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left, in which she ...

Short-lived TV shows made here

If Netflix's Ted Sarandos reads this...

Simon & Simon was a buddy detective series set in San Diego that ran for eight seasons on CBS during the ’80s. Veronica Mars put a teenage girl in a noirish milieu and managed three ...

Here It comes

Horror flick heads up this week’s new movie releases

It is out, but is It good? Well...there are good bits. But it doesn’t touch Get Out as the year’s best horror flick. Because the real horror is the evil that men do. The monster ...

Remembering Jerry Lewis

A first-hand account

The elevator doors parted just in time for me to spy the hotel maid emptying the contents of a garbage can into the housekeeper’s trolley. We exchanged smiles as she passed, the opulent carpeting of ...

Take comfort, Dane DeHaan: 2017 is three-quarters over

The star has three lackluster vehicles currently in theaters, including this week’s Tulip Fever

Poor Dane DeHaan. He started 2017 by starring in the criminally underrated A Cure for Wellness, then starred in the monumental flop Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and now here he is ...

Scott Marks on KPBS

Marks discusses one of his favorite films, Lemon Drop Kid, which contains the classic Christmas song, "Silver Bells."

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography Movie HD

Stronger official trailer #1 (2017)

The Exception trailer

Christopher Plummer plays Wilhelm II

Deepwater Horizon trailer

Sing Street trailer

Mr. Pig trailer

Thelma & Marty

13-minute clip Of Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker In The Editing Room.

100 Years At The Movies

Originally shown at the Academy Awards in 1994 on the 100th Birthday of Film.

Equilibrium trailer

Fake baby!

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