Ask a Hipster

Abandoning the screen for cardboard

The combination of craft beer and Connect Four

Dear Hipster: At first, the news that Game of Thrones would not return till 2019 came as a devastating shock to me and the group of friends with whom I gather every week to watch ...

The irrelevance of the Yellow Pages

You might as well not exist

Dear Hipster: Welp, I got the new Yellow Pages the other day. But, why? I feel like it’s the biggest waste of paper in the world. I literally carried it straight from my doorstep to ...

Everything is a duck in a fedora

I bet you wish that you thought of it first

Dear Hipster: Is a waffle just a hipster pancake? — Anna Dear Hipster: Isn’t a goose basically a hipster duck? — Francis Hipster: Is rugby just hipster football? — Steve, City Heights Dear Hipster: Are ...

Starbucks client may be working a bold departure from mainstream nonmainstreamism

Or meeting Tinder date

DJ: Here’s a couple of softballs for you: (1) What do you think of an apparent hipster walking past one of the hippest coffee shops in SD to visit a Starbucks? (2) Does living life ...

The subtle distinctions of a five-star rating system no longer apply

The meaninglessness of OMG

Dear Hipster: What’s the deal with adding exclamation marks to everything?! Emails! Texts! They’re everywhere! It’s like everybody is just super excited all the time! When did we start overpunctuating?! — Just an Excitable Boy ...

Polish horseshoes — DIY good clean fun

Capitalizing on ingenuity is lowest of the low

Dear Hipster, I just learned how to play Polish horseshoes this last weekend, and I have to say it’s super fun. Basically, you just hammer some four-foot garden stakes into the ground with about 25 ...

When posting Soundcloud comments about some obscure, terrible trap artist...

... proudly attach your name to whatever sick burn you can come up with.

Dear Hipster: Perhaps you can settle this matter once and for all. If I wrote an inflammatory letter to the editor, is it okay to do so anonymously, or should I attach my name for ...

You want to “do something” about homelessness? Good luck.

The basic dialogue falls inevitably upon deaf ears

Hey D.J., How do hipsters feel about the homeless? — Mr. Stinko de Mayo Himself Like almost everyone, hipsters feel bad for the homeless. But, in keeping with the sentiments of Question 1 (above), I ...

You will be curmudgeons

"We used to put liquid smoke and cardamon in our homebrew..."

Hipster: This question is almost like that summer road trip with the folks as a kid, and the endless questions in the car: “Dad, what would happen if...? What was it like when...? Where do...come ...

Courier — perfect typeface for those making a stand

You want it to look like you wrote it on a typewriter

Dear Hipster: I just wrapped up a summer internship (which went well), but I kept encountering a weird point of contention between myself and the higher-ups. My job involved preparing a lot of memos and ...

All By Myself (Green Day)

Hidden track at end

Find and Replace

Change an entire document

The Jam - Carnaby Street

Thelonious Monk - 'Round Midnight

"You Never Even Called Me By My Name"

1975 live performance by David Allen Coe


The full album, by My Bloody Valentine

How to chop wood

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