Local bands and musicians

Band Genre
Tacoma Blues & Soul, Rock
Taco Shop Poets Hip-Hop & Rap, Punk
The Tail Draggers Bluegrass & Roots, Country
Tainted Society Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Takahashi Rock
Taken by Canadians Rock
Take Offense Punk, Rock
Take Two Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
The Tale Rock
Talentd Hip-Hop & Rap
Talk Fahrenheit Rock
Talk Like June Country, Rock
Tall Alternative, Country, Punk
Tall Can and Generik Hip-Hop & Rap
Tall Ships Rock
Taming the Fox Rock
Tanae Rock
Tan Sister Radio Rock
Tanya Rose Acoustic, Country, Gospel
Tape Deck Mountain Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Tapestry Blue Electro | DJ, Pop
TapWater Blues & Soul, Pop
Tarantula Hawk Jazz, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
The Tarr Steps Funk, Jazz, Rock
Taryn Donath Rock
Taurus Authority Funk, Rock
The Taylor Harvey Band Bluegrass & Roots, Rock
Taylor Tickner Acoustic
Taz Taylor Band Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Teach Me! Punk, Rock
Teagan Taylor Jazz, Rock
Team Abraham Pop, Rock
Teaser Rock
Technique Hip-Hop & Rap
Ted Friedman Acoustic, Pop, Punk
Teenage Burritos Rock
Telegraph Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap
The Telenauts Covers | Standards
Tell Mama Blues & Soul, Funk, Rock
The Tell-Tale Hearts Rock
Temblad Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Temecula Road Acoustic, Country
Ten Bulls Alternative, Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Tender Buttons Rock
Tender Faeries Acoustic, Country, Rock
Tennessee Kamanski Acoustic, Rock
Tenshun Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Noise | Xprmntl
Terms of Agreement Electro | DJ, Funk, Pop, Rock
Terrorspell Metal | Hardcore
Terry Matsuoka Acoustic, Alternative, Blues & Soul
TES Hip-Hop & Rap
T-Fresh Hip-Hop & Rap, Latin | Tejano
Tha Clairemonstaz Hip-Hop & Rap
Tha Core Hip-Hop & Rap
ThaiMex Hip-Hop & Rap
Tha K.B. Project Hip-Hop & Rap
That '70s Rock Show Covers | Standards
That Dan Thing Rock
Thea Tochihara Jazz, Pop, Rock
Thee Corsairs Punk, Surf
Thee Dark Ages Rock
Thee Jesters Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
Thelma Camacho Acoustic, Pop
The Thens Pop, Rock
Then...to Dust Metal | Hardcore
Theosis Metal | Hardcore
Theo & the Zydeco Patrol Jazz, World
Therapy Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
The Remnants Rock
There's Nothing Here But Hate Hip-Hop & Rap, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Therianthrope Jazz, World
They Feed at Night Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Surf
Thicker Than Thieves Reggae & Ska, Rock
Thieves and Liars Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Thieves Like Us Covers | Standards
Thingy Noise | Xprmntl, Punk, Rock
The Third Alternative, Pop, Punk
Third Coast Jazz Band Jazz
The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band Classical, Covers | Standards
Third Story Jazz
Thirty 30 Metal | Hardcore, Rock
This Holiday Life Alternative, Pop, Rock
This is Not My Life Rock
This Way Out Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Thomas Fiss Rock
Thomas Hodges Classical, Pop
Thomas Nee Classical
Thom Beebe Blues & Soul, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Those Darn Gnomes Jazz, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Thousand Below Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
A Thousand Butterflies Acoustic, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Three Chamber Heart Rock
Three Chord Justice Country
Three Day Old Beaver Acoustic
Three Mile Pilot Alternative, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Three Spoke Wheel Rock
Thrillrazr Rock
Through the Roots Reggae & Ska
Thunderbolt the Wondercolt Pop, Rock
Thunderhands Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Jazz
Thunderhead Covers | Standards, Rock
ThunderLux Rock
Thyne Scabbard Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Tiawnee Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap, Pop
Tide Pools Rock
The Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra of San Diego Classical
Tiffany Jane Blues & Soul, Funk, Jazz
Tiffany Modell Classical
Tiff Jimber Pop, Rock
Tigerbomb Covers | Standards, Rock
Tiger Milk Imports Rock
Tigersharks Alternative, Punk, Rock
The Tighten Ups Covers | Standards
Tijuana No Latin | Tejano, Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rock
The Tijuana Surfers Blues & Soul, Pop, Rock, Surf
The Tilt Blues & Soul, Funk, Rock
Tiltwheel Punk
Tim Dawe & Penrod Acoustic, Rock
Timeless(oul) Blues & Soul, Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl
Time Machine Rock
Timepiece Blues & Soul
T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere) Rock
Tim Flack Acoustic, Rock
Tim Flannery Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Country
Tim Flood Rock
Tim Garcia Rock
Tim Lowman Blues & Soul, Rock
Tim Nunnink Jazz
Timothy H Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Tim Raldo Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Tim "Shy" Scheiderman Hip-Hop & Rap
Tim & the 23's Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Tim Yancey Funk, Pop, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Timyra-Joi Beatty Pop
Timz Hip-Hop & Rap
The Tin Can Country Club Bluegrass & Roots, Country
Tinkersmith Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots
Tinku Acoustic, Latin | Tejano, World
Tiny Doo Hip-Hop & Rap
Tiny Frank Rock
Tiny Telephones Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Tit Wrench Rock
TLOW Hip-Hop & Rap
Tobacco Road Blues & Soul, Jazz
Todd Howarth Rock
Todo Mundo Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Tokeli Jazz
Tolan Shaw Rock
Tom Boyer Blues & Soul, Jazz, Rock
Tom Brosseau Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Tomcat Courtney Blues & Soul
Tom Cunningham Band Country, Rock
Tom DeLonge Rock
Tom Erbe Noise | Xprmntl
Tom Griesgraber Alternative, Jazz, Rock
Tommy Aros Latin | Tejano
Tommy Budd's Windy City Blues & Soul, Rock
Tommy Graf Rock
The Tommy Mitchell Show Blues & Soul, Funk, Rock
Tommy Ragen Pop
Tommy Ray & the 4 Diamonds Rock
Tom's Drip Tank Punk, Rock
Tom Smerk Country, Gospel, Rock
Tom Waits Blues & Soul, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Tonex Hip-Hop & Rap
Tonga Ross-Ma'u Jazz
Tonik Slam Hip-Hop & Rap
Toni Pope World
Tony Adamo Funk, Hip-Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rockabilly
Tony Corleone Hip-Hop & Rap
Tony Hill Blues & Soul, Jazz
Tony Lasley Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Tony Ortiz Rock
Tony Parker Hip-Hop & Rap
Tony Taravella Jazz
Toothless George Punk, Rock
Top Dog Blues & Soul, Country, Rock
Toquali Jazz
Tori Rock
The Tori Cobras Punk, Rock
Tori Hauk Classical
Tori Roze Rock
Tornado Magnet Alternative, Country, Rock
Torrey Mercer Pop
Total Distortion Punk, Rock
The Touchies Punk, Rock
TouchMeHear Acoustic, Classical
Tourmaliners Rock, Surf
The Toven Hip-Hop & Rap
To Walk the Night Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rockabilly
Tower 4 Funk, Jazz, Rock
Tower XVI Rock
The Town Criers (1960s) Acoustic
The Town Criers (1980s) Country, Rock
Toxicana Rock
Tracey Singer Pop
Tracie Steele-Marshall Classical
TrackWide Hip-Hop & Rap
Tracy Lee Nelson Rock
Tragedy and Triumph Metal | Hardcore
Tragic Tantrum Alternative, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Trailer Park Queen Rock
Trailerpark Rockstar Rock
Trails and Rails Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Blues & Soul
Trains Across the Sea Acoustic, Rock
Trains and Clouds Alternative
The Tramplers Country, Punk
Trans_Conduit Electro | DJ, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Transfer Alternative, Rock
The Transit War Alternative, Pop, Rock
Translation Has Failed Hip-Hop & Rap, Noise | Xprmntl
Transpirations Rock
Transplants Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae & Ska
Trap Gold Pop, Rock
Travel Agents Rock
Travis Barker Hip-Hop & Rap, Punk, Rock
Travis Luce Acoustic, Rock
Travis Maril Acoustic, Classical
Travis Neal Metal | Hardcore
Travisty One Hip-Hop & Rap
Tre Aces Hip-Hop & Rap
Treali Duce Gospel, Hip-Hop & Rap
Trece de la Suerte Jazz, Latin | Tejano
The Tree Ring Acoustic, Rock
Trees Rock
Trent Hancock Acoustic, Rock
Trevor Davis Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Trevor McSpadden Country
T. Rexico Rock, Surf
Tribal Seeds Reggae & Ska, Rock
Tribal Theory Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae & Ska, Rock, World
Tribe of Judah Reggae & Ska
Tribe of Kings Electro | DJ, Reggae & Ska
Tricia Skye Classical
Trio Amical Classical
Trio de Janeiro Covers | Standards, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Trio M Jazz
Triple Deez Band Blues & Soul, Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
Triple Shot Blues & Soul, Rock
Tripp Sprague Jazz
Trips Rock
Trishes Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Tristan Prettyman Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Pop
Tristeza Alternative, Rock
The Tritones Covers | Standards
Triumph of the Wild Rock
Trix Rock
Trophy Wife Rock
Tropical Popsicle Alternative, Rock
Trouble in the Wind Acoustic, Country, Rock
Trout Rock
Trowsers Reggae & Ska, Rock
Troy Dante Covers | Standards, Rock
Troy's Bucket Rock
The Truckee Brothers Alternative, Rock
True Stories Alternative, Pop, Rock
Trumans Water Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Punk
TrunkMonkey Rock
The Trunks Rock
Truth Ali Hip-Hop & Rap
Truth on Earth Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Tubby Alternative, Blues & Soul, Funk
Tulengua Hip-Hop & Rap
Turiya Mareya Classical, Jazz
Turtle B Rock
Turtle Click Punk, Rock
The Turtle Project Rock
TV Girl Rock
tvsk Rock
Tweed Family Singers Classical, Gospel
Tweed Sneakers Punk, Rockabilly
Twelve Hip-Hop & Rap
Twice As Nice Covers | Standards
Twin Cabins Electro | DJ, Latin | Tejano, Pop, Rock
Twin Ritual Rock
Twisted Relatives Reggae & Ska, Rock
Twisted Strings Classical, Pop
Two Deep Acoustic, Jazz, Lounge
Two Reverends & a Sinner Blues & Soul, Rock
Two Wolves Blues & Soul, Rock
Two Word Name Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Tyler Glenn Rock
Tyler “Ridda” Rosier Electro | DJ
Tyrant and the Cream Puff Rock
Tzimani Metal | Hardcore, Rock

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Local Music News

Reverend Stickman

"I’ve been spending much of my creative time working with Bahman Violin and Dan Ochipinti on a brand new original musical theater production, Refugee Songs, after we received a grant from UCSD," reports Stickman. "In addition to recording a soundtrack EP for the show with Mystic Groove Collective, I’m also working in the studio again with my friend and co-producer Bob Bartosik...I recently bought an electric sitar/guitar which I have been exploring. I am now ready to gig with the Mystic Groove Collective, Sita Rose and TJ Moss, Ari Marsh, and others who appreciate the exotic sound it creates."

Chad Farran

The Superunloader drummer released his first solo album since 2012, After All, featuring guest players such as Chris McGreal and Jimmy Lewis of Superunloader and David Carano of Wise Monkey Orchestra. "Think if Paul Simon and Paul McCartney started a band with James Mercer and Dan Auerbach," says Farran. "It might sound something like this."

The Gloomies

Their new album, Are We Getting Better, due March 6, is so far preceded by singles for “Moonlight” and “Sick Like You” (both released late last year) and the newest, "Sideways," which frontman Andy Craig describes as "A hazy and fuzzy reflection on feeling lost in your own life...the song captures the depth of intense, muted emotions surrounding this notion of aimlessness, which can so often be as anxiety-provoking as its lyrics suggest."


In their latest lineup change, lead guitarist Jordan Lockrey (who joined in 2013) is out, and Devildriver's Neal Tiemann will take his place on their upcoming tours with 3TEETH (hitting San Diego's Brick by Brick on April 16) and Thy Art Is Murder.


They're celebrating the one year anniversary of their Native Tongue album with a 5-song Reimagine/Remix EP, featuring "re-imagined versions of select songs." Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling contributes "Voices," for which she also directed the accompanying music video along with Joshua Shultz, and other contributors include Brent Kutzle (One Republic), Will Chapman (Colony House), John Painter on horns (Fleming and John), and Mason Self. The band also shared a music video for the new version of "Wonderful Feeling."

Flogging Molly

They'll headline their annual St. Patrick's Day Festival on March 17 at the Hollywood Palladium, with a lineup featuring Mad Caddies, Street Dogs, LA icons the Briggs, Celtic rockers Hoist the Colors, Texas grit punk group Vandoliers, a Live Broadcast from Frosty, Heidi and Frank on KLOS 95.5, and Irish dancing from Power Academy of Irish Dance. The Festival will be preceded by a free outdoor pre-show in the Palladium parking lot with performances from members of Flogging Molly with Matt Hensley & Dennis Casey taking the stage as an Irish acoustic duo, and a DJ set from bassist/vocalist Nathen Maxwell.

Stone Temple Pilots

Their "An Evening With" acoustic tour of North America due to begin in Vancouver, BC on February 5 was cancelled due to lead vocalist Jeff Gutt suffering a severely herniated disc. Their upcoming acoustic album due on February 10, Perdida, is new singer Jeff Gutt's second studio release with the band following a 2018 self-titled record. A new single "Fare Thee Well" was recorded at drummer Eric Kretz's Bomb Shelter Studios, with a video directed by P.R. Brown (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Prince), and another new single is streaming online, "Three Wishes." Once Gutt recovers, they still plan a tour of Australia with Live and Bush, and summer tour with Nickelback.


An upcoming tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2010 album King of the Beach kicks off April 10 in Phoenix, Arizona and wraps May 28 in Los Angeles. The album will be rereleased by Fat Possum Records April 10 as a purple kush vinyl with alternate art that was originally slated to be the cover, before it was scrapped and a bonus 7-inch with “Mutant” and “Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Yr Heart).”

Death Eyes

Frontman Alberto Jurado has passed away.

Watkins Family Hour

Brother Sister drops April 10 via Family Hour Records/Thirty Tigers, the first release from the former Nickel Creek siblings in five years. Produced by Mike Viola (Jenny Lewis, Mandy Moore, J.S. Ondara), it features seven original songs co-written by Sara and Sean Watkins as well as three new covers: Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton’s “Neighborhood Name,” Warren Zevon’s “Accidentally Like A Martyr” and Charley Jordan’s “Keep It Clean,” which features guest vocalists David Garza, Gaby Moreno, and John C. Reilly.

Jacob Turnbloom

He has a comedic new video for his track "Ride Past the Waves of the Future."

Falling Doves

"We're going on tour to Australia for the third time," frontman Christopher Leyva tells the Reader. "We're doing a few benefits we created along our tour to benefit the https://www.wires.org.au, they help the animals burned by the wildfires. The main benefit in Australia will be in Brisbane at the Crowbar Feb 21 where along with a couple locals we will be selling our shirts and collecting cash...we teamed up with a great poster artist, Diego De Grandi from Brazil, to create a tour shirt and benefit poster, he's done art for Oasis, Tom Petty, and the Rolling Stones. We'll sell the shirt on tour, and all funds will go to the Wires charity." Over the coming year, the band will also visit hit China, Turkey, Dubai and South America for the first time, as well as a return to the UK, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Mexico, France, Germany, and Australia.

The Frights

They're playing the Spreckels Organ Pavilion February 15 as part of their new album promotion for Everything Seems Like Yesterday, as well as appearing at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival, running May 22 through 24 and headlined by Chili Peppers, Stevie Nicks, and the Dave Matthews Band. A video is streaming online for "Leave Me Alone."


Drummer Noah "Wuv" Bernardo Jr. has teamed up with members of Flyleaf for a new band called Belle & the Dragon.

Marie Haddad

The video for her song "JDITA" won Best Music Video at the 2019 San Diego Film Week Awards.

The Cardiac Kidz

In addition to their recent 40 Years of Punk CD, a new album on local Blindspot Records called Empty Chairs spotlights the power pop punk side of the group, featuring two new songs and a track previously only found on a compilation, with all original recordings dating from 1976 - 2018.


Their fourth full-length, Live at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee, includes three new original songs written by Randy Hanson, Mark Miller, and Orion Boucher, as well as a cover of the Waylon Jennings classic "Lonesome, On’ry and Mean."


The title track of their Hillbilly Bomb Shelter album, due February 1, is "about a couple of hillbillies who stumble across a bunch of old underground bomb shelters," says Matt Rhea. "They decide to fix up the bomb shelters and sell them to doomsday believers. Dave Talbott painted the album art and kept the theme going from our last two releases."

Whitney Shay

The release show for her Stand Up album happens March 26 at the Belly Up and features the 44's and the Anthony Cullins Trio.

Psychotic Waltz

The God-Shaped Void, their fifth full-length and first new album in 23 years, is due February 14 via InsideOutMusic, so far preceded by a single for “Devils And Angels.” A lyric video by Cloud Music Typography is streaming online.