Local bands and musicians

Band Genre
Pac 10 Hip-Hop & Rap
Pacific Air Rock
Pacifica Strings Classical
Pacific Coast Chorale Acoustic
Pacific Coast Harmony Classical, Covers | Standards
Pacificly Bluegrass Bluegrass & Roots
The Pacific Rails Blues & Soul, Covers | Standards, Rock
Pacific Women's Chorus Classical, Covers | Standards
Paco Hip-Hop & Rap
Paco Sevilla Acoustic, Latin | Tejano
The Paddle Boat Acoustic, Rock
Padre Joe and the Foul Balls Acoustic, Covers | Standards
The Palace Ballroom Rock
Palace Pages Rock
The Paladins Rockabilly, Surf
Pal&Drome Electro | DJ, Rock
Pale Fire Rock
Palimpsest Ensemble Classical
Pali Roots Reggae Reggae & Ska
Pall Jenkins Rock
The Palomar Pacific Music Men Classical, Covers | Standards
The Palominos Rock
Pandemonium Rock
The Panhandlers Country, Rock
Panicker Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Pan of Eels Rock
Pant Hoots Rock
Paperback Statue Alternative, Rock
Paper Forest Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Paper Moon Alternative, Jazz, Rock
Paper Plane Pilot Electro | DJ, Pop, Rock
Parade of Horribles Punk, Rock
Paradigm Rock
Paradise Blues & Soul, Latin | Tejano, Rock
Paragon Jazz Band Jazz
The Paragraphs Rock
The Paranorms Alternative, Rock
Parasitic Metal | Hardcore
Parker Edison Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap
Parker Meridien Hip-Hop & Rap, Jazz
Parker & the Numberman Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Parker Theory Alternative, Rock
A Park Tradition Punk
The Parlour Shootout Rock
Parodi Fair Soundtrack
Paroxysmal Butchering Metal | Hardcore
Pass the Axe Rock
Pat Hilton Acoustic
Pathology Metal | Hardcore
The Path to the End Rock
Patricia Fernandez Acoustic
Patricia Javier Pop
Patricide Electro | DJ
Patrick Dowling Acoustic
Patrick Harmon Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Patrick Norton Rock
Patrick Yandall Jazz
Patric Petrie Acoustic, World
Patrizia the Sultry Lady of Jazz Blues & Soul, Jazz
Patti Page Covers | Standards, Jazz, Lounge, Pop, Soundtrack
Pau Hana Reggae & Ska, Rock
Paul Cannon Band Pop
Paul Hartley & the Chiefs Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Pauline Oliveros Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl
Paul Ingram Quartet Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Paul Kamanski Rock
Paul Keeling Jazz, Lounge
Paul Kenyon Classical, Jazz
Paul Moeller Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Paul Smith Classical, Jazz
Paul Tanner Covers | Standards, Jazz, Lounge
Paul Willette Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Blues & Soul, Classical, Covers | Standards, Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Pop, Rock
Pebaluna Rock
Pedalay the Boss Hip-Hop & Rap
Peggy Watson Acoustic, Jazz
Penelope's Children Rock
The Penetrators Punk, Rock
Peninsula Singers Classical, Covers | Standards
Penis Hickey Rock
The Penny Lanes Rock
Pensive Rock
The People Movers Pop, Rock
Pepper Pop, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Perfect Blue Rock
The Peripherals Rock
Permacrush Rock
Perry Vasquez Rock
The Persistence Rock
Personal Conflict Punk, Rock
Peter Bolland Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Blues & Soul, Country, Rock
Peter Kuhn Jazz
Peter Marin Covers | Standards, Jazz, Pop
Peter Pupping Classical, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Peter Sprague Acoustic, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
The Peter Sprague String Consort Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Peter Swanson Classical
Pete Stewart & the Plastic Saviors Acoustic, Rock
PetsAlwaysDie Alternative, Rock
The PettyBreakers Covers | Standards, Rock
The Petty Saints Rock
Petyr Rock
PH Rock
Phantom Cargo Rock
Phantom Ratio Rock
The Phantoms Rock
Pharlee Rock
Pharmacy Rock
PHD Jazz Jazz
The Pheasants Rock
The Pheromones Blues & Soul, Funk, Rock
Phil Bellante Rock
Phil Higgins Gospel
Philip Mann Classical
Philippe Manoury Classical
Philip Treas Acoustic, Pop
Philosopher's Ray Gun Rock
Physics Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl, Pop
Picus Maximus Rock
Piece of Mind Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Pierce the Veil Punk, Rock
Pier Group Lounge
Piff California Herrera Hip-Hop & Rap
Pillbox Remedy Acoustic, Rock
The Pills for Fear Rock
Pinback Funk, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Pine Creek Posse Country, Covers | Standards, Rock
Pink Army Pop
The Pink Floyd Experience Rock
Pink Froyd Rock
Pinkiny Canandy Rock
Pink Sock Rock
Pissed Regardless Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Pistolera Acoustic, Alternative, Latin | Tejano
Pitchfork Alternative, Punk, Rock
Pizarro Brothers Covers | Standards, Jazz
P.J. Otaku Acoustic
P.J. Sparkles Pop, Rock
Plain J.A.N.E. Hip-Hop & Rap
Planet B Hip-Hop & Rap, Punk, Rock
Plane Without a Pilot Pop, Punk, Rock
Plastic City Pariah Rock
Plastic Explosive Alternative, Rock
The Plastic Revolution Electro | DJ, Pop, Punk
The Plateaus Rock
Plato Soul Covers | Standards
Platypus Egg Reggae & Ska, Rock
Play B. Hip-Hop & Rap
Players Inc. Reggae & Ska, Rock
The Players Touch Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap, Jazz
The Playground Slap Alternative, Funk, Punk
The Pleasure Barons Bluegrass & Roots, Country, Rockabilly
Pleasure Device Alternative, Rock
Pleasure Fix Blues & Soul, Punk, Rock
Pleasure Model Rock
Pleasure Victims Covers | Standards, Rock
Plook Rock
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower Alternative, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Plow Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots
Plunderbund Rock
Pocket Blues & Soul, Funk, Jazz
Po County Country, Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
P.O.D. Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Podunk Nowhere Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Rock
Poetic Black Hip-Hop & Rap
Point Loma Electro | DJ, Jazz, Noise | Xprmntl
Point of Contact Acoustic, Jazz
Poison Headache Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Polish Punk, Rock
Pony Death Ride Lounge, Punk
Pool Party Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Pop Nouveau Jazz, Pop
Porcelain Fangs Electro | DJ, Rock
Possible Man With Possible Gun Rock
PostCrush Alternative, Rock
Poway Community Symphony Orchestra Classical
Poway Symphonette Classical
Power Jazz, Pop
Powerballs Rock
The Powerchords Alternative, Pop, Punk
Powerdresser Pop, Punk
Power Shake Rockabilly
Powerthud Blues & Soul, Rock
Prairie Sky Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots
Prayers Electro | DJ, Rock
The Prayers (defunct) Pop, Punk, Reggae & Ska
The Predicates Rock
Preezy Hip-Hop & Rap
Prem Rock
The Preservationists Jazz
Presidio Brass Quintet Classical
The Preteens Rock
Pretty Boom Rock
Prettyhowtown Electro | DJ, Rock
Pretty Too Bad Rock
Prevailer Rock
The Prey Punk
PRGRM Electro | DJ, Rock
The Price of Dope Blues & Soul, Jazz, Rock
Pridebowl Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Priest Heavy Metal | Hardcore
Primitive Noyes Rock
Printz Board Hip-Hop & Rap, Pop
Priti Gandhi Classical
Private Domain Pop, Rock
Privatized Air Rock
Privet Rock
The Prizms Rock
Processor Rock
Professor K Hip-Hop & Rap
The Professors Surf
Project Analogue Rock
Project: Out of Bounds Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae & Ska, Rock
The Promise Rock
Pruitt Igoe Electro | DJ, Jazz, Rock
The Pseudo Dates Alternative, Pop
Psicomagia Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
PSO Punk
Psychic Dancehall Electro | DJ, Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Psychopop Electro | DJ
Psychosally Rock
Psychothermia Metal | Hardcore
Psychotic Waltz Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Psycho TropiCo Rock
Psydecar Jazz, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Puddletown Tom Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Pueblo Rock, Surf
Puente Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Reggae & Ska
Pumphouse Rock
The Punch Brothers Bluegrass & Roots, Rock
PunchCard Punk, Rock
Punk Yacht Club Punk, Rock
Puppies Rock
Puppy Kicker Jazz, Rock
Purple Church Rock
Purple Faze Band Covers | Standards, Rock
Pushers Rock
Pushin Rope Alternative, Country, Punk
Puttin' on the Fritz Rock

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Local Music News

The Zeros

Having announced new music on the horizon, the influential reunited punks are reissuing their classic single "Don't Push Me Around" in an autographed starburst vinyl pressing with an original insert, released by Bomp Records.

The New Regime

Their new EP Heart, part one of a four part EP series called Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul, will be followed November 22 by part two, Mind, with a video now streaming online for "A Way To Feel Again," directed by John David Moffat.

Ariel Levine

A new single drops October 22, "If This Isn't Me," along with a music video directed by Grant Reinero. "The songs take a new direction for me," Levine told the Reader, "as they are very personal and focus on my own life experiences, inspired by some recent events and hardships in my life. No plans to play these new songs live, they may just live in the recorded world. However, some members of my band Ariel Levine & Mechanical Royalty are considering coming out of hiatus and forming a new three-piece with new music."

Marc Intravaia

In response to Eve Selis' post about the two no longer working together, he replied "Eve and I remain friends and will always be friends. We did not have a fight or a blowout or anything of that nature. The fact is we just drifted apart musically. It’s been happening for the last couple years and now she is on a much different path than me."


Fronted by singer-guitarist Riley Hawk (Petyr), son of skateboard star Tony Hawk, the band's first video from their debut full-length Down In Flames, "Bleed Me Free," was shot entirely on Super 8 film. They're on an album support tour with San Francisco stoner rockers Acid King.

The Palominos

Singer-songwriter Mark Merrell (who also played with Whiskey Heart and the Neverly Brothers) passed away

Tom Waits

Come On Up To The House: Women Sing Waits (due November 2) features new renditions of classic Waits songs by Aimee Mann, Phoebe Bridgers, Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Patty Griffin, Rosanne Cash, Courtney Marie Andrews, and others.

Rob Halford

The Judas Priest frontman is streaming video of "Donner And Blitzen" as the lead track from forthcoming Rob Halford & Family & Friends Christmas album, Celestial, featuring his brother Nigel on drums, nephew Alex (son of Priest bassist Ian Hill) on bass, sister Sue, on bells, and guitarists Robert Jones and Jon Blakey. Other tracks include "Deck The Halls," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "Joy To The World," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."


The new lineup has released several singles off their new album Nine (due September 20): "Darkside," "Happy Days," "Generational Divide," "Blame It On My Youth," and "I Really Wish I Hated You."

Odessa Kane

His new single and music video for "Tres Sietes" comes in advance of his upcoming studio album King K.A.N.E.

Thousand Below

A single for "Chemical" is streaming online from their second album Gone In Your Wake, along with a video for a new track, "Disassociate," as they tour in support of the release with Of Mice & Men.


Their third album Dreamer is being supported with a national headline tour that began October 11 in Ventura and ends in San Diego at Observatory North Park on November 23. A video for the album's fourth single "Message In A Bottle" is streaming online.

Cattle Decapitation

Their Geocidal Tendencies tour with Atheist kicks off November 22 in Austin and wraps at Brick by Brick on December 22.

Stone Temple Pilots

They're streaming audio of a 1994 live version of "Interstate Love Song," recorded in New Haven, CT, from the 25th anniversary edition of their second album Purple. The reissue includes three unreleased songs from the 1994 KROQ Acoustic Christmas show, including a version of "Christmastime Is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas, as well as demos ("Unglued" and "Army Ants"), alternate takes ("Meat Plow" and "Interstate Love Song"), and acoustic recordings ("Big Empty").

Jacob Turnbloom

The Mrs. Magician and First Wave Hello guitarist formed Cheddar Goblin Records for his debut solo studio album, Cemetery Luau, due in October. After that, "I'm going to be releasing a new cassette tape with a lot of weird songs, demos, and instrumentals...it's kind of a sister tape to the 'death tape' that I released on Grizzly Records in 2012."