Local bands and musicians

Band Genre
La Ballena de Jonás Jazz, Latin | Tejano, World
The Lacemakers Acoustic, Rock, World
La Creaky Cahts Rock
Lacy Younger Country, Rock
Lad's Holiday Rock
Lady Cellie Reggae & Ska
Lady Dottie & the Diamonds Blues & Soul, Rock
Lady Xplicit Hip-Hop & Rap
L.A. Edwards Acoustic, Country, Rock
Lafayette Falkquay Blues & Soul
La Jolla Renaissance Singers Classical, World
La Jolla Symphony Classical
The La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Chamber Choir Classical, Covers | Standards
Lakeside Orchestra Rock
Landis Rock
Lanee' Battle Gospel
Lanterns Alternative, Pop, Punk
La Rondalla de San Diego Latin | Tejano
Larry Goldings Jazz
Larry Groupe Classical, Rock
Larry Keough Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Larry Mitchell Jazz
Larry Robinson Rock
Larry Zeiger Classical, Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
The Last Call Blues & Soul, Rock
Last One Ever Country, Jazz, Rock
Last Option Punk, Rock
Last Stand Rock
Last Stone Reggae & Ska
The Last Years Punk
Late For Life Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Late Nite Howl Acoustic, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Latex Grenade Rock
The Latin Connection Jazz Quintet Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Latin Jazz Quartet Jazz, Latin | Tejano
The Latin Jazz Trio Orchestra Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Laura K Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
Laura Roppé Acoustic, Country, Rock
Laurel Amtower Classical, Covers | Standards, Jazz, Pop
Laurel Leven Electro | DJ, Pop, Rock
Lauren DeRose Pop, Rock
Laws of Motion Pop, Punk, Rock
Lead Burns Red Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Leaders In the Clubhouse Rock
League of Assholes Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
League of Haloses Noise | Xprmntl
League of Liars Rock
Lea Love Funk, Reggae & Ska
Le Chateau Electro | DJ, Pop, Rock
Lee Coulter Rock
The Left Coast Quintet Classical, Covers | Standards, Jazz
Left Handed Scientists Hip-Hop & Rap
Legacy Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Legacy Pack Hip-Hop & Rap
The Legendary Mighty Raw Tones Experience and Revue Blues & Soul, Rock
Legends of Metal Metal | Hardcore
Leg Lifters Rock
Lei Liang Classical
Leisuresuit Rock
LemonLips Rock
Lemons are Yellow Rock
The Lemon Squeezers Covers | Standards, Rock
Lenny “Fuzzy” Rankins Blues & Soul, Jazz
Lenny Hands Hip-Hop & Rap
Lenny Morris Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Len Rainey & the Midnight Players Blues & Soul
Leonard Chen Classical
Leonard Patton Jazz
Leonard Pennario Classical
Leonard Tucker Pop, Rock, Soundtrack
Leo Rising Alternative, Rock
The Leo-TARDS Covers | Standards
Le Ra Rock
Leroy Ezell Hip-Hop & Rap
Leroy Zeke Rock
Lesands Rock
Lethal Rejection Covers | Standards, Rock
Levi Dean & the Americats Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Country, Rock
Levi Robinson Reggae & Ska
The Lexicons Reggae & Ska
Lexington Field Acoustic, Pop, World
Lia Marie Johnson Pop
The Liars Electro | DJ, Rock
Life Rock
Lifelike Rock
L.I.F.T. Hip-Hop & Rap, Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
The Lifted Electro | DJ, Rock
Lighterburns Pop, Punk, Rock
Lighthouse Bluegrass & Roots, Country, Gospel
Light of Doom Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Lights On Electro | DJ, Pop, Rock
Likewize Rock
Lil' Al Hip-Hop & Rap, Latin | Tejano
Lilian Rey Latin | Tejano, Pop
Lil Joe Hip-Hop & Rap
Lillian Lefranc and the Proper Villains Rock
Lillian Palmer Blues & Soul, Covers | Standards, Jazz
The Lil' Pizzas Rock
Lil Rob Hip-Hop & Rap, Latin | Tejano
Lil Slick Hip-Hop & Rap
Lil Spank Booty Hip-Hop & Rap
Lil Uno Hip-Hop & Rap
Linda Lee Burnett Gospel
Linda Perry Rock
Lindbergh Skies Rock
Lindsay Hail Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
Lindsay Perry Blues & Soul, Pop
Lindsay White Acoustic, Rock
Lindsey Troy Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Lindsey Yung Acoustic, Alternative, Pop
Lion and the Lady Rock
Lions & Ghosts Rock
Lipstick N Leather Covers | Standards, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Liquid Blue Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
The Liquorsmiths Rock
Lisa Campbell Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Pop, Rock
Lisa Hightower Jazz
Lisa Hoefs-Nau Classical, Covers | Standards, Pop
Lisa Sanders Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Jazz
Lisle Ellis Jazz, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Listening to Rocks Rock
Little Deadman Rock
Little Dove Rock
Little Fowl Rock
Little Hurricane Blues & Soul, Rock
Little Mary Staten Blues & Soul
Little Monsters Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Covers | Standards, Jazz, Rock
The Little Richards Covers | Standards, Rock
Little White Teeth Rock
Live Like Giants Acoustic, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Live Wire Band Covers | Standards
Lixx Rock
Lizabeth Yandel Acoustic, Pop
Lizardfish Covers | Standards, Rock
Lizzie Wann Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Loam Blues & Soul, Rock, Rockabilly
The Local Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
Local Concert Database Acoustic, Alternative, Blues & Soul, Funk, Jazz, Metal | Hardcore, Noise | Xprmntl, Pop, Punk, Rock, Rockabilly, World
Local Natives Rock
Locked Out of Eden Rock
Locke n Load Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Locker Room Talk Rock
The Locust Metal | Hardcore, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Lo-Fi Nipple Rock, Surf
Loked Metal | Hardcore, Rock
London Below Alternative, Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Lonely Ghost Alternative, Rock
Lonely Mattress Salesman Alternative, Pop, Punk
The Lonesome Georges Jazz, Rock
The Lonesome Strangers Country, Rock
The Long and Short of It Alternative, Rock
Long Live Logos Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Longsleeves Acoustic, Rock
Longstay Rock
Lonnie Jordan Funk, Latin | Tejano, Rock
The Loons Noise | Xprmntl, Punk
Loose Nutts Punk, Reggae & Ska
The Loppyhops Rock
Lord Howler Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Lord of War Metal | Hardcore
Lorena Isabell Classical, Latin | Tejano
Lori Bell Covers | Standards, Jazz
Lorin Getline Classical, Covers | Standards, Soundtrack
Lorraine Castellanos Blues & Soul, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Los Alacranes Latin | Tejano
Los Chido Latin | Tejano, Rock
Los Fantasmas Latin | Tejano, Rock
Los Hollywood Latin | Tejano, Pop, Rock
Los Kung Fu Monkeys Latin | Tejano, Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Los Macuanos Latin | Tejano
Los Platanos Jazz, Rock
Los Santos Rock
Los Shadows Pop, Rock, Surf
Los Sweepers Rock
The Lost Angel Crew Hip-Hop & Rap
The Lost Boys of Penzance Alternative, Rock, Surf
Lost Dakota Rock
Lost Dog Rock
The Lost Monarchs Rock
Lost Pets Rock
Louisa West with Jimmy Patton and Friends Jazz, Latin | Tejano, World
Louisiana Mojo Dawg Band Bluegrass & Roots
Louis XIV Alternative, Pop, Rock
Love and the Skull Noise | Xprmntl
Love Angeles Pop, Rock
The Lovebirds Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Love Campaign Alternative, Rock
Love Ethic Punk, Rock
Love Glow Alternative, Rock
Lovely Planet Acoustic, Punk, Rock
The Love Rangers Covers | Standards, Pop
Love Sex Death Rock
Low and Be Told Rock
Lowcloudcover Rock
Lowell Kiesel Blues & Soul, Jazz, Rock
Lower Definition Hip-Hop & Rap, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Lower Left Jazz
The Lowland Drifters Rock
Lowlands Rock
Lowlight Rock
Low Points Rock, Surf
The Low Standards Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Low Volts Blues & Soul, Electro | DJ, Rock
LPLD Hip-Hop & Rap
Lua Rock
Lualta Rock
Luci Pop
Lucky Lucifer Pop
Lucky Stiffs Rock
Lucky & Wild Rock
The Lucy Ring Rock
Lucy's Fur Coat Alternative, Pop, Rock
Luisa Corredor & Guarapo Latin | Tejano
Luke Henshaw and Gabe Serbian Rock
Luke Walton Acoustic, Pop, Rock
The Lulls Acoustic, Jazz, Rock
The Lumps Punk, Rock, Rockabilly
Luna Rock
Luna Azul Classical, Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Pop, Rock
Luna Llena Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Luna Vino Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Luneaux Electro | DJ, Rock
Lupe Rios Acoustic, Gospel, Latin | Tejano
Luscious Noise Classical
Lying Saints Acoustic, Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
Lynn Willard Jazz
The Lyon Crowns Alternative, Rock
The Lyrical Groove Blues & Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop & Rap
Lyric Opera San Diego Classical
The Lyrics Rock
Lyriphon Classical, Jazz, Latin | Tejano
LySDexia Covers | Standards, Rock

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Local Music News

Bostich and Fussible

Celebrating 20 Years of Nortec, the duo's new compilation album, Nortec Collective Bostich + Fussible's Greatest Hits, includes songs such as "Tijuana Sound Machine," 'Tengo La Voz," and "Tijuana Makes Me Happy."

Happy Ron Hill

A young Barcelona electropop group, High Pijama, found Hill's decade old acoustic song "No Angel" and turned it into a futurepop Americana dance track.


Their sophomore album People in the Sky, due on Halloween via Pig Baby Records, is so far preceded by singles for "Battle Line," "Steely Eyed Lady," and the newest, "Something's Got To Give"

The Secret Fun Club

The recorded a live-in-studio Halfway Home session streaming online, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Darkthrone.


Returning from hiatus, they released another song recorded live in studio for Half Way Home earlier this year, "A Band Astride Clouds," with a handful of shows just announced including a November 1 appearance at Soda Bar's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Latex Grenade

Having recorded their EP The Cage at Bellville Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, by Theo Crous (guitarist for Springbok Nude Girls), they're hitting the South African shores again this month for their second visit and tour of the country.

The Locust

The reunited costumed band, who recently played their first gig in four years, released a typically bizarre video for their track "Recyclable Body Fluids In Human Form," in advance of their November 7 Music Box gig alongside Silent and the Creepy Creeps.

The Zeros

Having announced new music on the horizon, the influential reunited punks are reissuing their classic single "Don't Push Me Around" in an autographed starburst vinyl pressing with an original insert, released by Bomp Records.

The New Regime

Their new EP Heart, part one of a four part EP series called Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul, will be followed November 22 by part two, Mind, with a video now streaming online for "A Way To Feel Again," directed by John David Moffat.

Ariel Levine

A new single dropped October 22, "If This Isn't Me," along with a music video directed by Grant Reinero. "The songs take a new direction for me," Levine told the Reader, "as they are very personal and focus on my own life experiences, inspired by some recent events and hardships in my life. No plans to play these new songs live, they may just live in the recorded world. However, some members of my band Ariel Levine & Mechanical Royalty are considering coming out of hiatus and forming a new three-piece with new music."

Marc Intravaia

In response to Eve Selis' post about the two no longer working together, he replied "Eve and I remain friends and will always be friends. We did not have a fight or a blowout or anything of that nature. The fact is we just drifted apart musically. It’s been happening for the last couple years and now she is on a much different path than me."


Fronted by singer-guitarist Riley Hawk (Petyr), son of skateboard star Tony Hawk, the band's first video from their debut full-length Down In Flames, "Bleed Me Free," was shot entirely on Super 8 film. They're on an album support tour with San Francisco stoner rockers Acid King.

Tom Waits

Come On Up To The House: Women Sing Waits (due November 2) features new renditions of classic Waits songs by Aimee Mann, Phoebe Bridgers, Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Patty Griffin, Rosanne Cash, Courtney Marie Andrews, and others.

Rob Halford

The Judas Priest frontman is streaming video of "Donner And Blitzen" as the lead track from forthcoming Rob Halford & Family & Friends Christmas album, Celestial, featuring his brother Nigel on drums, nephew Alex (son of Priest bassist Ian Hill) on bass, sister Sue, on bells, and guitarists Robert Jones and Jon Blakey. Other tracks include "Deck The Halls," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "Joy To The World," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," and four original holiday songs including the newly released lyric video for "Morning Star." Judas Priest were just named among the nominees for induction into the 2020 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.


The new lineup has released several singles off their new album Nine (due September 20): "Darkside," "Happy Days," "Generational Divide," "Blame It On My Youth," and "I Really Wish I Hated You."

Odessa Kane

His new single and music video for "Tres Sietes" comes in advance of his upcoming studio album King K.A.N.E.

Thousand Below

A single for "Chemical" is streaming online from their second album Gone In Your Wake, along with a video for a new track, "Disassociate," as they tour in support of the release with Of Mice & Men.


Their third album Dreamer is being supported with a national headline tour that began October 11 in Ventura and ends in San Diego at Observatory North Park on November 23. A video for the album's fourth single "Message In A Bottle" is streaming online.

Cattle Decapitation

Their Geocidal Tendencies tour with Atheist kicks off November 22 in Austin and wraps at Brick by Brick on December 22.

Let’s Be Friends

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