Local bands

Name Formed
Ian Allen None
Ian Buss None
Ian Tordella None
The Ichabod Five None
Icons 1996
The ID None
Idlehands None
Idols Plague None
IDS 2004
iD the Poet None
Idyll Wild 2011
Ignant Benches 2014
Igor Pandurski None
Ilana Mysior None
Ilan Rubin None
Illicit Behavior 2005
Ill Saint M featuring Justin Pearson None
Illuminauts None
Ilya 2001
Imagery Machine 2015
Immortal Maggot C*nt 2000
Immovable Objects None
The Imperialites None
Impossible BW 2014
Inch None
Inciting Riots 1997
Incomplete Neighbor 2007
The Incredible Moses Leroy None
Indefinable None
Indigo Novo 2007
Ines Irawati & Sophie Webber None
In Every Breath 2005
Infamous Sinphony 1986
The Infants 2002
In Fear and Faith 2006
The Infidelz None
Infrared 1985
The Ingredients 2015
Ingrid Croce None
The Injections 1978
Inkblot Propaganda None
The Inmates 1965
In Motion Collective 2007
Innerds None
Innerlimit 2000
Innocent Bystanders 2012
In-Repoze 2008
Inside Switch 2006
Insight None
The Insights None
In Silence 2002
Inspired and the Sleep None
Inspired Flight None
Integr8d Soul None
Intermission Orchestra 2015
In the Midst 777 None
InTransit Audio 2008
IQTru 2006
Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine 1979
Iration None
Irieside 2003
Irina Bessonova None
Iron Butterfly None
The Iron Maidens None
Iron Mayhem 2012
Irradio 1999
Irving Flores None
Isaac Cheong None
Isaac & Rae None
The Isam Band None
Island Boy None
Island Fever! 1991
Island Mirage Steel Drum Band 1993
Isles & Glaciers 2008
Isolde Touch 2013
Israel Bissell None
Israel Maldonado 1996
Itai Faierman 2001
Italian Japanese 2009
The Italian Smoke Squad None
Its Mental None
It's Tomorrow in Japan None
I Vomited a Rainbow 2009
I Wish I 1995