Local bands and musicians

Band Genre
Aaron Bowen Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock
Aaron M. Olson Rock
Aaron Poehler Rock
Aaron Zigman Classical, Soundtrack
A Battle to Fight Metal | Hardcore, Rock
AB Baby Hip-Hop & Rap, Pop
Abigail's Attic Alternative, Punk, Rock
Abject Punk, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Able the Allies Rock
Abner Rock
Abrina Blues & Soul, Pop
Accept That You Have Suffered Rock
The Accident Experiment Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Ace Frehley Rock
Ace the General Hip-Hop & Rap
ACME Rhythm & Blues Revue and Show Band Blues & Soul, Funk
Acnom Hip-Hop & Rap
Acoustic Blue Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Acoustic By Default Rock
Action Andy Rasmussen Rock
Action Andy & the Hi-Tones Blues & Soul, Country, Rock
Adam Block Duo Acoustic
Adam Feilmeier Rock
Adam Franklin Rock
Adam Gimbel Rock
Adam Gnade Acoustic, Rock
Adam Lambert Pop
Adam Townsend Acoustic
ADD/C Covers | Standards
Addiquit Hip-Hop & Rap
Adelitas Way Rock
Adella Lane Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Covers | Standards, Rock, World
Adestria Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Adhima Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae & Ska
Adriana Smith and Ghost in the Graveyard Rock
Adrian Demain Rock
Adrian Liu Classical
Adrienne Nims Jazz
Adrienne Nims & Spirit Wind Jazz
Ad Seg Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Aerodrone Pop, Rock
Aether X Rock
Afrotruko Latin | Tejano
afterschoolspecial Hip-Hop & Rap, Rock
AfterShock Seven Blues & Soul, Funk, Rock
After the Crash Alternative, Pop, Rock
Against the World Metal | Hardcore
Agave Reggae & Ska, Rock
Agent 22 Jazz, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Agent 51 Country, Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Aghori Metal | Hardcore
Agua Dulce Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Aimon Metal | Hardcore
Aja Alycean Country, Pop
A.J. Croce Acoustic, Jazz, Rock
AJ Froman Rock
Aki Kharmicel Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap
A.K. Skurgis Rock
Alaina Blair Acoustic, Country, Rock
Alan Iglesias & Crossfire: A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan Covers | Standards
Alan Land Acoustic
Alan Lewis Silva Rock
Alan Silva Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Alan Silva & the Cosmic Originals Acoustic, Rock
Alan Urich Acoustic, Country, Rock
Alas de Mosca Funk, Jazz, Latin | Tejano, Reggae & Ska, Rock, World
Albright and the Educators Covers | Standards
The Album Leaf Punk, Rock
Aleck Karis Classical
Alejandro Escovedo Rock
Ale Mania Rock
Alexandra Tibbitts Acoustic, Classical
Alex Carrillo Pop
Alex DePue Classical, Jazz, Rock
Alex DePue and Miguel De Hoyos Classical, Jazz, Pop
Alex Greenbaum & Alison Luedecke Classical
Alex Guillen Acoustic, Jazz, Rock
Alex Lievanos Pop, Rock
Alex Woodard Blues & Soul, Rock
Alexx Absolut Electro | DJ
Alfonso de la Espriella Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Alfred Howard Funk, Jazz, Rock
Alfred Howard and the K23 Orchestra Funk, Jazz, Rock
Alfredo Sanchez Latin | Tejano
Alias Rock
Alice Teyssier Classical
Alicia Champion Rock
Alicia Gwynn Pop
Alicia Previn Acoustic, Rock
Alien Starr Funk, Hip-Hop & Rap
Alisha Zalkin Acoustic
Alison Brown Acoustic, Bluegrass & Roots, Country, Rock
Alive! Covers | Standards
Alive & Well Pop, Punk, Rock
Alize Rozsnyai Classical
Allan Holdsworth Jazz, Rock
Allegra Acoustic, Classical, Pop
Alley Cat Street Covers | Standards, Rock
Alligator Republic Rock
Allison Adams Tucker Jazz, World
All Leather Metal | Hardcore, Rock
All Saints Episcopal Church Choir Classical, Gospel
AllStar Pop
Allstar Weekend Pop, Rock
Allweather Pop, Punk, Rock
Al Mora Acoustic, Rock
Almost Monday Alternative, Rock
Alpha Channel Electro | DJ, Rock
Alternative Sex Tapes Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Alvino & the Dwells Rock, Surf
Alyssa Jacey Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Pop
Alyssa Walker Acoustic, Country, Pop
Alysse Fischer Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Alyze Dreiling Classical
A.M. Hip-Hop & Rap
The Amalgamated Covers | Standards, Reggae & Ska, Rock
The Amandas Blues & Soul, Rock
The Amanda Waggener Band Blues & Soul, Pop, Rock
The Ambassador Reggae & Ska, Rock
Ambassadors of Soul Blues & Soul, Funk
Amber Ojeda Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap, Jazz
Amber & Rob Whitlock Acoustic, Jazz
Amber Whitlock Jazz
Ambition Hip-Hop & Rap
Amee Wood Classical
Amelie Simpson Pop
Amen BK Hip-Hop & Rap
Amenity Metal | Hardcore
Amerikan Bear Rock
A.M. Forever Covers | Standards
Amigo Rock
Amigo the Devil Acoustic, Punk
aMiniature Alternative, Rock
Amir Rock
Amon Raps Electro | DJ, Hip-Hop & Rap
A.M. Vibe Rock
Amy and the Unknown Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock
Amy Obenski Acoustic
Amy Serrano Acoustic
A.M.ZOL Blues & Soul, Electro | DJ, Funk, Jazz
ANA Noise | Xprmntl
Anakin Rock
Anal Trump Rock
Anatí Tuesday Pop, Rock
Andra Day Blues & Soul, Jazz, Pop
Andrew Germer Hip-Hop & Rap
The Andrew McKeag Band Rock
Andrew Pinching Punk, Rock
Andrew Vu Classical
Andy Gassaway Country, Rock
Andy Robinson Acoustic, Electro | DJ, Rock, World
Andy Smokeboss Rock
The Angelica String Trio Classical
Angels & Airwaves Alternative, Punk, Rock
Angels Dust Alternative, Electro | DJ, Rock
Angelshade Rock
Angerhead Metal | Hardcore, Punk
Angie Keilhauer Country, Pop
A.ngry Poet Hip-Hop & Rap
Animal Style Blues & Soul, Rock
Anita May & the Interstate 5 Blues & Soul, Pop
Anna Danes Acoustic, Jazz
Anna Lee Fleming Acoustic, World
Anna Savvas Classical
Anna Troy Bluegrass & Roots, Blues & Soul, Rock
Anna Vaus Acoustic, Country
Anne Fennell Classical
Anne-Marie McDermott Classical
Anonymph Rock
Anoushka Shankar World
The Answers Rock
Ant Pop, Rock
Antar Blue Blues & Soul, Rock
Antar Martin Jazz
Anthony Bianchi Blues & Soul, Classical
Anthony Cullins Blues & Soul, Rock
Anthony Davis Classical
Anthony Smith Jazz, Reggae & Ska, Rock
Anti Citizens Rock
Antimi Rock
Antioch Arrow Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Antonio Fe Jazz, Latin | Tejano
Anton Jon Rock
Anya Marina Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
aoK Pop, Reggae & Ska, Rock, World
Apes of Wrath Alternative, Rock
Applebrown Jazz Ensemble Jazz
Approaching Fiction Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Apropos Jazz
Aquapuke Noise | Xprmntl
Aquarium Rock
Aquatribe Rock
Aquile Pop, Rock
Arabella Harrison Alternative, Country, Rock
Arc Rock
Architect Sketch Noise | Xprmntl, Punk, Rock
Archons Metal | Hardcore
Arch Rival Rocks Rock
The Archtones Jazz
ARC Trio Jazz
A. Revolution Punk
Ariel Levine Rock
Aristotle Georgio Blues & Soul
Arkady Luxemburg Classical, Jazz, Pop
The Armada Hip-Hop & Rap
Armando Romé Latin | Tejano, Rock
Arms Entwined Alternative, Rock
Arm the Angels Alternative, Pop, Punk
Army of Love Rock
Arn Da Don Hip-Hop & Rap
Array Orchestra Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Arrowhead Rock
Arthur Blythe Jazz
Artistas Fronterizas Acoustic, Latin | Tejano, World
Artistic Dynamics Rock
Art of Élan Classical
A Scribe Amidst the Lions Alternative, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Ashen Earth Metal | Hardcore
Ashley Matte Rock
Ash Williams Acoustic, Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock
As I Lay Dying Alternative, Metal | Hardcore, Punk
As Obscure as Enoch Rock
Aspect Deletion Noise | Xprmntl
Aspects of Physics Alternative, Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl
Asphalt Ballet Blues & Soul, Rock
Assassin Metal | Hardcore
Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas Bluegrass & Roots, Country, Rock, World
The Assumptions Rock
Astra Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Astra Kelly Acoustic
Astral Touch Electro | DJ, Rock
The Astrorumberos Latin | Tejano, Reggae & Ska
Atomic Blue History Rock
Atom Orr Pop, Rock
Atoms Pop, Punk, Rock
Atom Willard Rock, Rockabilly
Atris Rock
Atropal Metal | Hardcore
The Attack!! Electro | DJ, Punk, Rock
Aubrey Fay Jazz
Audio Addiction Rock
AudioLeague Rock
Audios Hip-Hop & Rap
Augustana Bluegrass & Roots, Blues & Soul, Rock
The Aura & Ovation Rock
The Aurora Complex Metal | Hardcore
Austrian Death Machine Metal | Hardcore
Authentic Sellout Punk, Rock
Author & Punisher Electro | DJ, Metal | Hardcore, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Auz Fontaine Electro | DJ, Pop, Rock
The Avant Guardians Rock
A Veil Metal | Hardcore, Rock
The Avengers (aka the Contrasts) Pop, Rock
Avenue Army Rock
The Aviara Trio Classical
Aviator Stash Rock
AVicious Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl, Rock
Avitia Alternative, Country, Rock
Avradelix Funk, Rock
Awaiting Samsara Metal | Hardcore, Rock
Awakening Magic Rock
Awfulmoth Rock
Awol & Gamma Hip-Hop & Rap
Ayrton Pisco Classical
Aztec Concert Choir Classical, Covers | Standards

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Local Music News

Jacob Turnbloom

He has a comedic new video for his track "Ride Past the Waves of the Future."

Falling Doves

"We're going on tour to Australia for the third time," frontman Christopher Leyva tells the Reader. "We're doing a few benefits we created along our tour to benefit the https://www.wires.org.au, they help the animals burned by the wildfires. The main benefit in Australia will be in Brisbane at the Crowbar Feb 21 where along with a couple locals we will be selling our shirts and collecting cash...we teamed up with a great poster artist, Diego De Grandi from Brazil, to create a tour shirt and benefit poster, he's done art for Oasis, Tom Petty, and the Rolling Stones. We'll sell the shirt on tour, and all funds will go to the Wires charity." Over the coming year, the band will also visit hit China, Turkey, Dubai and South America for the first time, as well as a return to the UK, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Mexico, France, Germany, and Australia.

The Frights

They're playing the 2020 BottleRock Napa Valley festival, running May 22 through 24, headlined by Chili Peppers, Stevie Nicks, and the Dave Matthews Band.


Drummer Noah "Wuv" Bernardo Jr. has teamed up with members of Flyleaf for a new band called Belle & the Dragon.

Marie Haddad

The video for her song "JDITA" won Best Music Video at the 2019 San Diego Film Week Awards.

The Cardiac Kidz

In addition to their recent 40 Years of Punk CD, a new album on local Blindspot Records called Empty Chairs spotlights the power pop punk side of the group, featuring two new songs and a track previously only found on a compilation, with all original recordings dating from 1976 - 2018.


Their fourth full-length, Live at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee, includes three new original songs written by Randy Hanson, Mark Miller, and Orion Boucher, as well as a cover of the Waylon Jennings classic "Lonesome, On’ry and Mean."


The title track of their Hillbilly Bomb Shelter album, due February 1, is "about a couple of hillbillies who stumble across a bunch of old underground bomb shelters," says Matt Rhea. "They decide to fix up the bomb shelters and sell them to doomsday believers. Dave Talbott painted the album art and kept the theme going from our last two releases."

Manual Scan

The San Diego Underground Files from Spain's Bickerton Records collect unreleased demos and rare tracks from San Diego bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s, available digitally or on deluxe 10" colored vinyl, with inserts and posters and extensive liner notes by Bart Mendoza. Volume one features Manual Scan, who will play an album release show at Casbah on January 16 along with Mittens and Avenue Army. Future volumes will spotlight San Diego bands like the Event and Four Eyes.

Whitney Shay

The release show for her Stand Up album happens March 26 at the Belly Up and features the 44's and the Anthony Cullins Trio.

Lindsay White

Her new single "The Funeral" pays tribute to the late Jeffrey Joe Morin, who mentored her and many other local musicians before he died from complications of respiratory failure in July 2017. Inspired by The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom (a San Diego Songwriters Book Club selection), the video features a slideshow of messages sent from Morin to White through the years.

Deaf Club

Justin Pearson's band has a new video by Rogelio Lopez and Alexandre Lopez for “Days of Amusement Are Over,” from their EP Contemporary Sickness, comprised of live footage from a recent record release show at the Factory DTLA.

Christopher Hollyday

Back after a quarter century hiatus, the jazz saxophonist's upcoming album Dialogue features the same band from his previous record: bassist Rob Thorsen, trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, pianist Joshua White and young drummer Tyler Kreutel playing popular jazz and jazz-influenced works, as well as three of Hollyday’s own compositions.

Randy Lane

Lane and artist Diane Brunner started a new project called "theartoftheartoftheart." "We are popping up at various public venues around San Diego with Diane's amazing artwork," says Lane. "We are also inviting select artists, craftsmen, and musicians to join us. These pop-up shows are free and open to the public. So far, we've popped up in Little Italy and La Jolla Cove."


They played the NYC London Calling 40th Anniversary benefit on December 14, a benefit for the Joe Strummer Foundation featuring Debbie Harry, Fred Armisen, and Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello). They'll spend February and early March touring New Zealand with bassist Takumi McIntyre (formerly of the Cavemen), including appearances at Upper Hutt's Obey the Riff festival and Tauranga's Not Woodcock extravaganza.

Psychotic Waltz

The God-Shaped Void, their fifth full-length and first new album in 23 years, is due February 14 via InsideOutMusic, so far preceded by a single for “Devils And Angels.” A lyric video by Cloud Music Typography is streaming online.

Travis Barker

ILLENIUM released Barker's remix of his single “Good Things Fall Apart” featuring Jon Bellion. Says Barker, “In my head I pictured all these other parts and sounds from the moment I heard the song. I recorded drums first with all the other parts in my head and then built around it. It was such a well written song already it made my job easy.” Barker recruited Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for his own new track "Gimme Brain", the first release under his DTA Records label, a joint venture with the Elektra Music Group to explore cross-genre collaborations and develop new artists.


A co-headlining tour with 3TEETH kicks off March 13 in Santa Ana wraps April 17 in Los Angeles, making stops in New York City, Nashville, Chicago, and San Diego's Brick by Brick on April 16.

Hot Snakes

The merch booth for their west coast tour, slated to begin February 27 in Phoenix, AZ and wrapping March 12 at the Belly Up, will include a new limited edition 7-inch single for "Checkmate" (their first new song since 2018) b/w the previously unreleased "Not in Time." The tour features Rick Froberg and John Reis (both also of Pitchfork and Drive Like Jehu) along with bassist Gar Wood and drummers Jason Kourkounis and Mario Rubalcaba.


Two-time Billboard Award winning electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling released a new version of the band's song "Voices" (originally from their recent Native Tongue album), for which she also directed the accompanying music video along with Joshua Shultz - it premiered via her own YouTube channel to over 12 million subscribers.

Rob Halford

The Judas Priest frontman will publish his memoir Confess next October, co-written with Ian Gittins, co-writer of The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.