Fever Sleeves

Bill Szafranski: Drums | Tony Gidlund: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Nick Lorentz: Guitar (electric) | Lain Weck: Bass guitar, Vocals

Genre: Rock

Sound description: Fever Sleeves describes themselves as a hardcore version of an indie rock band, or math rock with melody, or "A churning stew of melodic indie and math rock complexities."

RIYL: The Mars Volta, Sleeping People, Q and Not U, Hella, Tera Melos, Hot Snakes, Refused, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Botch, Drive Like Jehu, Radiohead, These Arms Are Snakes, Nicely

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Inception: San Carlos, 2005

Influences: King Crimson, Hot Snakes, No Knife, Radiohead, Q and Not U


Post-hardcore indie/pop band Fever Sleeves was conceived in early 2005 by vocalist/bassist/guitarist Tony Gidlund, drummer Bill Szafranski, and guitarist Nick Lorentz. Their debut seven inch single “Futuristic Killings” (2008) was produced by Mario Quintero at Black Box Studios. Their first LP Soft Pipes, Play On was released in early 2009.

During the recording process, Gidlund and Lorentz found themselves playing ghost member, often doubling up on moog or guitar to fill out the desired sound on each track. By July 2009, Lain Weck, a San Diego transplant from Chicago, entered the band full time as bassist/multi-instrumentalist.

In early 2011, the band began work on their second full-length album with producer Rob Crow of Pinback.

Weck cofounded the band Nicely in 2013. Bassist Gidlund recorded and toured with Rob Crow's Gloomy Place in 2015/2016.


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