Army of Love

Jeffrey Bloom: Bass guitar, Vocals | Mark McCoy: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Ivan Knight: Drums, Vocals | Tommy Andrews: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Peter Kenvin: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Randy Willert: Drums

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Michael Andrews, World’s Cutest Killers, Sex & Free Beer, Stone Horse, Buterflys & Zephyrs

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Inception: San Diego, 1983


Army Of Love was founded in 1983 by former members of Jonny Kat, including Mark McCoy, Jeff Bloom, and Ivan Knight. The group opened for REM and played local venues like the Spirit Club, with manager Tony Creed producing demos in LA.

A self-titled EP was released in 1983, after which Tommy Andrews joined on guitar. They opened for the Kinks in 1985 and recorded more songs with Creed, and then relocated to L.A. to record with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter at Cherokee Studios. The group moved back to San Diego in 1987, after which they split.

Bassist Jeffrey Bloom later played with World’s Cutest Killers, Sex & Free Beer, Stone Horse, and Buterflys & Zephyrs. Latterday Army of Love guitarists Peter Kenvin and Tommy Andrews, as well as drummer Randy Willert, all went on to play with Voices, which formed in 1987.


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