Demetrius Antuna: Composer, Electronics, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric)

Genre: Noise | Xprmntl

RIYL: KATA, Angels of Light, Swans, Caravan, Gong

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Influences: KATA, Swans, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Passport, Steve Hillage


It’s no coincidence that the debut ANA album Caverns (released in September 2012) shares a kindred mood with the works of epic orchestral 9-piece KATA. A side-project of KATA guitarist Demetrius Antuna, ANA’s albums are actually be designed to play at the same time as their counterpart KATA discs.

“Someone was asking me about the origin of the name ‘KATA’ and mentioned that KATA was a direction in the 4th dimension,” says Antuna.

“In our dimension there is right/left, forward/back, up/down, and in the 4th dimension there is ANA/KATA, which are relative to time and space. This wasn't the original concept behind the name for KATA, but I really liked how this tied in with the whole theme of the band spiritually and universally. So I thought, wouldn't it be cool to start an offshoot project called ANA? My plan was (and still is) to write an album that can be played in tandem with the KATA albums.”

Shortly after the idea surfaced, Antuna was asked if KATA could do a show. The schedules of the band’s extensive line-up didn’t allow it, so Antuna decided to play alone.

“I came up with some material and played by the name ANA. Since then, ANA has become a project that allows me to be a part of events/shows without the restrictions of other band members’ schedules. Although I tend to have people play with me -- Rebecca Antuna, Alia Jyawook, Ross Zafar, Lance LaFave, and Chris Graber have all played -- I have also done shows completely solo.”

Describing the debut ANA album, Antuna says “There is a repeating theme throughout Caverns, and it’s kind of a politically driven theme.”

“It’s this idea of trying to find a way out of being a part of the global political system. Somehow returning to sovereignty. And when you really think about this idea, there is no escape, and that’s where the title Caverns comes in. It’s like searching for a place to hide, but realizing it doesn’t exist. You know, you can move to a remote island, and completely free yourself from social political restraints, BUT, you can not escape things like Fukishima, the BP oil spill, global warming, etc. This shit will have effects on your life no matter where you try to hide. Unless of course you can find your way off the planet Earth.”


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