Aki Kharmicel

Aki Kharmicel: Beats, MC

Genre: Blues & Soul, Hip-Hop & Rap

RIYL: Nocturnal Scientists, Gonjasufi, Parker & the Numberman, Vokab Kompany, Orko Eloheim/Orko the Sycotik Alien, the Gaslamp Killer, Anti-Citizens, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Run DMC, B Slade, Jurassic 5, Black Mikey, BB King Kong

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Influences: Sun Ra, Gangsta Ern, Parliament-Funkadelic, Kurtis Blow, Jurassic 5, Run DMC, Bootsy Collins, Public Enemy, NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T, Tonex, Sugarhill Gang


Taking his last name from black power activist Stokely Carmichael, hip-hop artist Aki Kharmicel, aka Kennuf Akbar, grew up up in City Heights and southeastern San Diego, later attending Mesa College. A former member of Nocturnal Scientists with Sumach Ecks, aka Gonjasufi, he currently records beats and rhymes at his home studio in Encanto.

Kharmicel was 35 when he released a self-titled CD in 2012, followed by the Return in 2013. He also fronts a soulful one-man side project called Aki Khalaq & the Blak Prints.


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judahznorbit March 31, 2015 @ 10:40 a.m.

Happy to see another fellow Nocturn has made it biggbiggs to gonjasufi aka sumach and Aki Kharmicel aka kenn my dude Marcus, can't forget the beloved bass Kieto <3 ur girl #Judahznorbit...peace


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