Tarzana Hoffs: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Covers | Standards

Sound description: Bangles with dangles.

RIYL: The Bangles

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Influences: The Bangles, <em>Hairspray, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, </em>Wayne/Jane County, G.G. Allin


The Dangles are an all-male/drag tribute to the Bangles. “We acknowledge how ridiculous it is to dress up and pretend to be something you’re not, just to get a tiny taste of someone else’s fame,” says lead Dangle Tarzana Hoffs (real name Percy Murray).

“We’re like the supermarket generic brand trying to Hoover a few bucks from the pocket of some chump who refuses to pay full price for his Cheerios. Or, more accurately, the TV versions of Private Benjamin or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…cash in on whatever’s hot and maybe, just maybe, lightning will strike again the same way.”

“We’re not delusional,” says Murray. “We know we’ll never have a hit record, so we just play it for fun, and the audience, when they get it, they have fun too. That’s as long as the crotch of my pantyhose doesn’t rip. I may look better in a miniskirt than Susanna Hoffs, but if Mister Happy accidentally pops out, then nobody’s smiling anymore.” Indeed.

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