Album cover

Your Underground

1) Clinical
2) Bolts
3) Social Life
4) The Way Sean Drives
5) Witch's Root
6) Your Underground
7) Doug's Getting Wasted
8) Bitchin' Summer
9) Nocturnal
10) It Was Raining
11) Summary
12) Amsterdam
13) Worktime Pessimism
14) Secret

If this CD were a fight, the judges would stop it because Revenge Club brought a chainsaw to a boxing match. The band plays loose and dirty punk, the way punk was intended.

Punk, as a genre, sounds like some kid fumbling through a guitar lesson, getting ever more frustrated with his inadequacy to create structured sound, until he finally stands up, yells, "To hell with this!" and drops his pick through the three heaviest power chords he knows. Frustration relieved with an instantaneous release of anger...the middle finger to everyone

Revenge Club takes it even further and aims the finger at even conventional guy-heavy punk by fronting their band with petite blonde Amy Lawson. Her voice rings and whines through the ear-annoying range between a circular concrete saw and a drill bit stuck in a hunk of sheet metal.

The band follows the punk template faithfully, grinding out quick, brief, and loud, big damn noise from city kids. Revenge Club is awful, and perfect.

--- Hometown CD Review 10-11-07


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