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While the World Unfolds


1. We Are the Ones Who…
2. Of Solace in Solitude
3. Manic
4. Theory
5. Empire Burning
6. Wait to Breathe
7. A Most Uncommon Grace
8. The Depth Beyond
9. G. Thunderhead
10. Non Compos Mentis
11. Unobtainable

Tracked: Rarified Recording, Castleman Recordings, Big Thunder Studios, Hindsight Studios 8/1/16 – 3/28/16.
Produced, engineered & mixed by Daniel Castleman. Assistant Producer - Mike Halsdorff. Mastered by West Westside – Alan Douches.
Music by Sight Unscene. Lyrics by Anthony Dedrick and Mike Halsdorff.
Thanks: friends, family, all who were involved. Daniel for countless hours of hard work and the awkward spa sessions, Phil Sgrosso for lending an ear, Napa for the cab, everyone at Brick for putting up with us.
Drums by Ryan Copeland: 2, 3, 6, 8, 10.
Copyright 2016 Mainstay Records, all rights reserved.


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