Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects

1) Put Me Back on Your Side
2) Brothers in a Bind
3) Tryin'
4) Lost Days
5) Todos Los Noches
6) Jesus Was a Vato
7) Long Night Review
8) The Sell
9) Mexican Remix
10) In the Arms of Demons

The first two songs are the best. They feature mellow, walking, almost-reggae rhythms with a bright horn section and thick, stinky guitar. "Baby" and "right on" are sung in low harmony and sounds like a heady night at Winstons and Old School Funk Night at the Honey Bee Hive. There are enough electronic tweeks and bonks to keep a young crowd interested without muddying the purity of the fat '70s sound.

"Lost Days," the fourth track, gets a little more into the sound effects and becomes reminiscent of stony dub music with the ricocheting echoes that shift from speaker to speaker. The songs progressively rely more and more on odd sounds; the instruments and vocals on the final tracks are almost completely given some treatment.

For verification of my classification of Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects as "Mexican funk," one need only listen to "Jesus Was a Vato," in which the lyrics proclaim the Savior to have had a tattooed tear and would "only drink Mexican beer."

This is a talented band and will no doubt grow a dedicated fan base in San Diego.

--- Hometown CD Review 10-19-06


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