Album cover

David Cover-Riverdale


1. Hey! Hey! We’re the Touchies! (Parody by Stanze Touchie based on Hey! Hey! We’re the Monkees by Boyce and Hart, used under fair use copyright laws and first amendment)

2. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (Words and Music by Neil Diamond)

3. Teenage Kicks (Words and Music by John O’Neill)

4. (She’s My) Vampire Girl (Words and Music by Kepi Ghouie)

5. Angelfuck (Words and Music by Glenn Danzig)

6. Happy Birthday (Words and Music by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill)

7. Ziggy Stardust (Words and Music by David Bowie)

8. First of the Gang to Die (Words and Music by Morrissey and Alain Whyte)

9. Only Shallow (Words and Music by Belinda Butcher and Kevin Shields)

Recorded by Ben Keller at Killersoundz, Mark Haemmerle at Haemmerle Productions and The Touchies at Seek Therapy Recording Studios from Feb 14th 2009 through April 8th 2010. Cover art by Marissa Goldberg and Roxanne Bisquera Montoya.


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