Tallsharon Entries for May, 2012


Reflections Day 2

23.4.12 Morning comes and I get up and take a shower before the alarm sounds. I go to the dining ...

reflections Day 1

I sit at home. Day 8 after my return from Marrakech. I feel like I am in a movie. Where ...

How I ended up in Marrakech the first time

My path to this journey began in 2004. I was on my way to work in San Diego, California on ...


I worked in the garden last weekend. went to the orange big box store and the nursery with the decadent ...


my forehead is tight. My jaw is tense. it's only Thursday, and I'm beat. I've never suffered fools gladly. At ...

She's back

I'm still editing and writing and trying to work. i've got tons of photos and videos, but i thought you'd ...

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