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Young Hickory opens in North Park

New cafe ups the ante for hangout spots.

Filter North Park’s departure left the neighborhood shy one coffee house. The opening of Young Hickory on the site of ...

The Tacoburger: Part Seven

A conclusion (of sorts) and a trip to Mexican Fiesta in Little Italy.

All the searching and it’s come to this: Mexican Fiesta (1460 India Street) in Little Italy. Developed buildings reach ...

The Tacoburger: Part Six

Tracking the origin of the most famous tacoburgers of all time at Danny's Palm Bar in Coronado.

There’s this taco shop in North Park. El Sol, it’s called. Ed Bedford wrote a Tin Fork in which he ...

North End Lounge open in Little Italy

Busalacchi group replaces L'Angolino with a flashier, seafood-centric version of itself.

Apparently, the Busalacchi-owned L’Angolino North End Lounge wasn’t cutting it. The successful group, which seems to comprise half the restaurants ...

The Tacoburger: Part Five

Downtown's Blind Burro puts an upscale twist on the humble tacoburger.

Nobody ever said the tacoburger would be forever relegated to plebian restaurants. Nothing stops high-concept ventures from mining taco shop ...

The Tacoburger: Part Four

At the Tin Can Ale House, Dood's Foods innovates the tacoburger still further.

If taco shops can take ownership over hamburgers, what’s to say that hamburger shops can’t take charge with some tacos, ...

The Tacoburger: Part Two

It's all about the plancha at Benny's Mexican Food in Golden Hill.

During the day, it just looks quaint, maybe even homey. After dark, Benny’s Mexican Food (1244 30th Street, 619-238-1740) in ...

The Tacoburger: Part One

A trip to La Fuente and a brief primer on why anyone would want to dedicate serious time to the idea of taco shop cheeseburgers.

Surf the web a little. Read about burgers. It’s a bigger topic than you might think. Here in San Diego, ...

Cafe Hue rules at waffles

Convoy Street bakery is worth a trip for coffee and dessert

How a place like Cafe Hue (3860 Convoy Street, 858-571-7947) comes to be is a mystery. If the name indicates ...

Rakiraki brings ramen burgers to San Diego!

But don't rush out to stand in line for one.

Ramen burgers are taking the world by storm! At least, that’s what the bloggers and foodie pundits--who thrive on buzzworthy ...

Why not drink more bitters?

After-dinner digestives aren't as big a custom in American restaurants as they could be. Urban Solace, for one, leads the way in stocking a bar with the herbal cordials.

Rumors of a new-ish dessert menu led me to Urban Solace. I guess you could call something that came out ...

Izakaya Ouan replaces Yu Me Ya

New sake house in Hillcrest improves upon the old, better fills the niche between Tek Chan and Masa.

Yu Me Ya Sake House struggled in Hillcrest despite the sterling reputation founded by the restaurant’s original location in Encinitas. ...

Twist Sandwiches and More replaces Philly Grill

North Park sandwich and munchie shop offers something a little different.

It pains me to have invested so many bites and miles into Tour de Cheesesteak, only to have the place ...

J&H Hopia open in National City

Filipino bakery's cheese balls are a must have among many tasty confections.

Here’s a place so new and off the radar that it’s hard to google: J&H Hopia (3403 East Plaza Boulevard, ...

Tips, lies, and the Linkery

A response to Slate's publication of an article by former Linkery owner Jay Porter

After eight years of stuffing sausages and pushing the issue of farm-to-table dining, sometimes earning short mentions in major media ...

Kitchen 4140 promises much, delivers little

"New American" bistro in Bay Ho fails to live up to the pricey standards it sets for itself.

At first look, Kitchen 4140’s summery patio and dining room ooze charm. The place looks phenomenal, like a little oasis ...

Mary's Donuts: equal parts quirky and delicious

24-hour Santee donut shop has decades of personality, and tasty donuts to match.

“I’ll be heading to dinner tonight in Lakeside,” says the woman behind the counter at Mary’s Donuts (9031 Mission Gorge ...

Dining room aesthetics and Saigon on Fifth

Vietnamese restaurant in Hillcrest is a textbook example of classy, effective design.

The ideas behind designing a proper dinging room often elude restaurateurs. Part of this is because the trend right now ...

Leroy's Kitchen gets new chef, new menu, new style

Coronado restaurant leaves the South behind, embracing a menu that's less clumsy, but less adventurous.

Stylistic changes to the menu at Leroy’s Kitchen (1015 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-437-6087) reflect the addition of a new chef ...

First look at BBQ 81

University Height's brand new barbecue spot breaks out the mesquite and gets it right with the tri-tip.

BBQ 81 is fully operational in University Heights. Big news for uptown San Diego, which has had nothing but Brazen ...

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