quillpena Entries for May, 2010


Tundra # 20

Elaine was never really the same after Tundra’s death, and, surprisingly, neither was Mushroom. Elaine had been crushed when Tundra ...

Tundra # 19

By the time April and I were married and our daughter, Daisy, was two months old, Tundra had been our ...

Tundra # 18

Tundra and Mushroom were feline versions of aggressive and sometimes frightening people whom I’ve met and known in my life. ...

Tundra # 17

I don’t know who in the neighborhood was responsible, but every six weeks or so, Tundra would come home with ...

Riot Dog

Take a peek at the Greek Riot Dog on the net. The rebellious hound hasn't missed a riot in years; ...

Tundra # 16

I tried not to like Maynard. I tried to hold a grudge against him. Anything less, I felt,would be disloyal ...

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