quillpena Entries for March, 2010


Tundra # 11

When April and I had first moved into the house on Bacon Street, my best friend and ex-housemate, Allan, stayed ...

Tundra # 10

Tundra had also taken up hunting. And he was very good at it. Many mornings I opened our front door ...

Tundra # 9

Tundra’s conduct regarding April and me, and people in general, remained about the same as it always had. If you ...

Tundra # 8

Tundra changed in many ways over that first year with Mushroom. His new roaming territory had expanded greatly and now ...

Goodbye, Chelsea. Goodbye, Amber.

On Thursday, five days ago, Chelsea King, a 17-year-old girl went missing in my community. Thousands of volunteers searched for ...

Tundra # 7

A year passed and they were still at it. Tundra and Mushroom fought on practically a daily basis. But now ...

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