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According to an analysis report by Insight Crime, the Arellano-Félix Organization (AFO/Tijuana Cartel) still controls its own turf of Baja, contrary to what many analysts have claimed.

Many opposing reports and analysts have recently claimed that the AFO is struggling to survive, and merely pays to smuggle narcotics through what is now the Sinaloa Cartel territory. The AFO survived a turf war with the Sinaloa Cartel, and it is now well known that both organizations currently operate in Baja California. The two groups have apparently come to an agreement of sorts, hence the drop of violence in the area.

The Insight Crime report goes on to state that the Sinaloa Cartel pays the AFO to smuggle narcotics through the plaza. The AFO is not as powerful as it once was, due to police crackdowns and previous fighting with the Sinaloa Cartel, yet it still is in charge of its own territory.

The alleged current leader of the AFO is Luis Fernando “El Ingeniero” Sánchez Arellano. It is believed Luis took control over the organization after his uncle, Eduardo “El Gualín” Arellano Félix, was arrested in 2008. It is believed that Luis’ aunt and Eduardo’s sister, Enedina “La Pantera” Arellano Félix, helps in running the organization as well.

In April, one of the original AFO leaders, Benjamin Arellano Félix, received a 25 year sentence in San Diego.

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