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Today marks the opening of the county’s "Cool Zone" program, administered by the Health & Human Services Agency. The aim of Cool Zone is to provide seniors and low-income individuals without access to air conditioning a place to congregate during the summer’s hottest months.

Over 100 sites, mostly comprised of libraries, community recreation centers, and senior centers will participate in the program. A list of sites and hours of operation is available at coolzones.org. The web page also states that individuals unable to reach a facility on their own may be able to request a free electric fan or bus passes to reach a public air-conditioned building. All sites will be marked with a logo featuring a polar bear within a blue diamond and the words “Cool Zone.”

The program, in its 10th year, is scheduled to run through September 30.

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Visduh June 22, 2011 @ 7 p.m.

Don't we have some of our hottest Santa Ana days in October or even November? Can someone explain why this program ends on September 30?


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