Jerry's Corner Entries for January, 2013


A 500 Dollar Date

‘Pull it out!’ she says, It’s hurting me! Your going to fast! Slow Down! He continues to dig deeper and ...

Riverside Lawsuits continue to rise against County Sheriffs

In a Federal Court Building in downtown Riverside 1/10/13: Victims Lined up to not only show support but to also ...

Riverside: Jeff Stone! When endorsements come early?

Humm: Let me think about this for a moment… Jeff Stone’s rumor or fact of possibly running for Congress sparks ...

Tweeker or Tweaker! Is there a difference?

I was awakened on a morning at around 2:30am to what I thought was a helicopter hovering around or above ...

Riverside: Teen Gunned down while handcuffed my Opinion?

Riverside County California: Has the County Sheriffs Department Changed since 2007? The recent shooting of a cuffed teen has shocked ...

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