I was afraid that by returning to SD I would

start another cycle of face grinding which is comparable to a school of sharks smelling your blood in the water. Luckily, things have turned out pretty good and I am "protected" from the grinders at this point. To explain in more detail, Isaiah in his 3rd chapter foresaw a day in Jerusalem when the system would be corrupt... so corrupt that even the priests and governors would take advantage of widows and indigent folks, take possession of their property and persecute them. This he termed "grinding the face of the poor." It described the time when Jesus would be born.

 My experience with this is when I was in

the process of moving my family out into the campgrounds and parks in 2004, I had to park a Mazda on the public street for one night. The tags were expired, the car was towed that night and I could not afford to remove it from the yard. The yard would scarcely let me recover my treasured baseball glove and they kept my car stereo. Then, since they could not sell my car, they proceeded to bill me for the storage fees and it is still on my credit report.

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CuddleFish Jan. 19, 2010 @ 12:55 p.m.

Oh for the love of God! They get you every way they can!

Another great essay, thanks.


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