Dirty Little Freak

Chris Nelson runs a dog rescue, but agrees to take in one of twenty foxes that have been specifically bred ...

Homeless Alien Kept a Diary

(Editor’s Note: all surviving pages from this diary were found by nine year-old Jiffy Krondinkle of Prairie Doom, Oklahoma, and ...

A Kingdom No Longer Magic

I was censoring boobs for The Mouse. Seems like something they would’ve had to hire someone for back in the ...

Wolf Man in Love

Hey Fiction Fans, Welcome to the Reader's new Writer Space! You, too, can see your own short stories in this ...

"Wanted: Mordecai" - Mythic Tales of the City of the Gods

Hey Fiction Writers, Welcome to the Reader's new Writer Space! Starting with this inaugural edition, we're using the dormant FictionWriter ...

Short Story Jam - You're Invited To Join In!

*As with the previous entry of this blog, this will be a "story jam" open to any and all participants. ...

Short Story Jam - Are There Heroes In Hell?

This short story is a “jam” written by two authors, male and female, who took turns writing each paragraph, without ...

As You Sow, So Shall Your Reaper

I don't think I'm evil. Oh, sure, I've caused the death of well over two thousand people in my forty-odd ...

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