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Starbucks Coronado is taking a hit.

Make that two hits.

In one month.

The outlet (it’s at 960 Orange Avenue, 619-437-8306) was supposed to be the first Starbucks in California to serve wine, beer and an expanded menu.

But when they stuck their application on their front window, objections started coming in. From parents, because it’s a popular afterschool hangout, from the police, because they thought there was too great a concentration of alcohol outlets in the area, and from the City because, well, they’re the City. They have only supported applications for liquor licenses twice in 25 years.

Give Mayor Casey Tanaka credit: He opposed the city sending an opposition letter to the state. But he got outvoted.

This was late last month.

The second hit? Thursday.


Starbucks wanted to open a second outlet down where a clump of eateries has spawned at the other end of town at 135 Orange, near the ferry landing.

Guess other coffee places put up objections which made it to the local planning commission. The Planning Commission voted 3-1 to not allow another Starbucks on the Sceptered Isle. Thursday, Starbucks threw in the towel again and said okay, fuggedabout it. We won’t appeal (as they have a right to).

But they did make what I reckon’s a good point: “Many local businesses, including competitors, choose to locate [near] to our stores because they believe increased foot traffic will be good for business.”

Me, I reckon they could've whined a little more. Specially about the wine.

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hbenler June 29, 2012 @ 11:04 p.m.

Starbucks's corporate suits Walmartized coffee into dreck years ago; now they wanna sell cheap wine ? Fuggedabout-that !


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