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Consumer's Union surveyed nearly 37,000 readers about their preferneces in chain restaurants. A lot of the results were refreshing, or I guess a relief. Bottom of the heap was Mickey D's. Yes, yes, yes! I ate one of the burgers about six years ago and couldn't believe how bad it was — cardboard and sawdust. This gives me some hope for America.

The winner for burgers was In-N-Out Burger...little surprise there. The runners-up aren't available here. Do we have Fuddruckers, White Castle, Hardee's, and Sonic? They all scored in the midde.

For Mexican, top choice was Chipotle Mexican Grill , closely followed by Rubio's.

The chicken winner was Chick-fil-A, followed closely by El Pollo Loco. KFC was at the bottom. Remaining categories were sandwiches/subs with nothing distinctly local among the choces, and pizza, where Round Table was a locally-available brand to make it near (but not at) the top.

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TheBigB July 13, 2011 @ 3:20 p.m.

Naomi - I know that fast food (even upscale) isn't your specialty, you strike me as being pretty resourceful, so I was a bit surprised by a comment you made above. How long would it take to Google - a few seconds? A minute or two? :)

Fuddrucker's: been around forever, there is one in Mission Valley, one in Mira Mesa, one in La Mesa, and one in Chula Vista.

Sonic: opened in the last few years in Santee and Vista.

Hardee's: essentially Carl's Jr - they are its sister restaurant in the east half of the US. Slightly different menu, but similar enough to be comparable.

White Castle: thank God, no. Our air quality is bad enough without those sliders hitting the digestive systems of San Diegans after bar time.


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